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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Closing of BT's blog

Very soon this blog will be closing for reason which I would not be explaining to you.Thank you very much for visiting and commenting all these 3 years.


Kelvin said...

why close???

Anonymous said...

ya, ur blog is worth for everything, besides reading ur blog is very fun. would u hv another new blog after that?

boh tong said...

I am approached by a publisher to make my stories here and more into a book. I have to talk to my would be publisher whether I would be bound by contract not to blog my stories. The last time another one approached me (2 1/2 yrs ago)but it didn't work out..see how la...hehehe
Btw,I almost finished spending all my $$ so no more retirement tat how to go on hor?

Anonymous said...

What a shame to close your blog after giving us so much pleasure of laughter.
Good luck BT am sure that your book will be a success.Good luck!

BT said...

aiya how to close my blog with ppl like u supporting me?