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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fixed up by his lover

Supervisor Tim was a gentle soft spoken man. He was quiet and modest in his own way but could be strict with his subordinates. Many stewardesses liked working with Tim for he was helpful and fair in his distribution of work duties.
Bella was a relatively new stewardess whom Tim flew with quite regularly. Bella not only liked working with Tim but had secretly fell in love with him. It's not a bad idea to have a fling with a supervisor (IFS) because one could be favoured on the flight.
One day,Tim refused to assign Bella to work in a position that she wanted."It wouldn't be fair to the other stewardesses..." Tim told Bella but she insisted on working in that zone because the passenger load was light. " I can't put you there because it's not your turn yet" Tim reminded her. " man why can't you do it for me..can't you see I am your girl friend?"
At this point Tim regretted for falling for Bella. He now realised Bella was making use of his position to gain favour.
A few weeks passed, Tim was summoned to the office to explain a complaint about molestation of a stewardess. It was Bella who had complained that Tim had molested her on a flight. Tim was in great trouble and if proven correct,he could be sacked from his job.
Meanwhile the news of Tim molesting Bella spread like wild fire. Many in cabin crew disbelieved Bella's story.
A disciplinary panel was set up to hear the charge. The day came and witnesses were called to give their testimonies whether Tim did or did not molest Bella.
I received this email from an ex stewardess who was a key witness in Tim's case. She has lost contact with Tim but still shows concern for Tim.

Dear Boh Tong,

.... he was my IFS! Infact he was one of the best IFS i worked with.


Tim was accused by one of the team's FSS (can't even remember her name) for molesting her (I AM PRETTY SURE THAT WAS THE ACCUSATION ..MIND YOU IN HAS BEEN MANY YEARS)... both me and another FSS was called in as witnesses by the union for the hearing.. I was of course all for Tim as there were to many loopholes in her story and plus on more than one occasion when he was accused of being with her, he was with the FS and myself ...

That's all ... i just wanted to know if he is ok and what happened after...

You are right Boh Tong he was a nice man, on the ball , but a very very very very nice man!

I will give you an update of mylife after SQ in another email ... and you are right there is a life after SQ!



The case was thrown out because the company believed that Tim did not molest Bella.


Anonymous said...

He asked for it! Can sia condone a snr crew having an affair with his stewardess?

Anonymous said...

It's not for anyone to judge whether he asked for it or not..