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Thursday, November 26, 2009

He did something that sucks!

As promised I will also tell about my ex colleagues' misdeeds here.
There was one ex trainer who failed a girl during her exam. Unlike the"American/S'pore Idols" judges a trainer has the unwritten privilege of more than 1 vote to save a trainee if she fails her exams. It's all up to the trainer but he chose not to save her.
This particular girl complained to the training manager and alledged he was biased and had saved other girls who had failed their exams. She also alleged the trainer loved to tell dirty jokes in the class.
The manager investigated and found from the other girls that the above allegation was true. In fact, it was discovered he even went to the extent of touching the girls. The girls hated listening to the dirty jokes and the touching but were afraid to offend their trainer.
After the investigation was completed, the trainer was let off with a warning letter. This action worked up the other colleagues and some of them appealed to the manager to withdraw that warning letter. They claimed the accusation was false and instead the girl should be punished.
The manager stood her ground and the other fellow trainers were furious. They had lost a lot of "faces".The whole episode was wrapped under the trainers' codes of secrecy and resulted in only few people knowing about the incidence.

BT: I expect more anti-me comments after this post and so be it cos I was telling the truth!
My pledge is: I swear to tell the truth nutting but the truth so satan's kids please piss off!....hahaha.

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