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Monday, November 23, 2009

New interviewing process for cabin crew wannabe SIA

Round 1

Group of 10 with 2 interviewers. 1 standard question eg. Who is your favorite movie star and why? Plus a short self introduction.
Once they decide to keep you they will conduct a skin check on you.

Round 2

Play or solve a mystery in groups of 4 or 5 and after this there will be a 1 to 1 interview.

Round 3

Kebaya fitting for the girls.

Round 4

Interviewers 2 against 1 candidate. They may ask all sorts of questions.


Sam said...

hey there!

I'm a Eurasian Singaporean boy. I was born in Singapore and brought up in a few European countries including Singapore but I have a foreign diploma.

I speak exactly like a Singaporean but also Italian and French. My mother is a Singaporean Eurasian while my father is Italian.

I served NS, worked as a lifeguard and did some hospitality work before. But I heard that SIA don't really hire "ang mo" people.

Do you think I stand a chance as I plan to go for the interview. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks a lot and your blog is really useful.

boh tong said...

Sam u stand a chance like all s'porean guys ok. Maybe u stand a better chance bcos of ur language skills.
Y dun u try and ask Luke for help? His blog is http://www.ourcabincrew.com

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I am an ex crew but 10 yrs ago. i left in 1999 after one and a half years. I am 30 this yr but I think I look younger than my age.

I have since worked in other jobs in a few companies including cabin crew with jetstar asia.

I am going for the walk-in interview this weekend but I have a tattoo on my wrist whichi'm able to conceal with it heavy duty concealer.

Was wondering how intense is the skin check during the kebaya round. Cos 10 yrs ago the interview style was different, we wasn't made to wear the kebaya.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!


boh tong said...

I am an ex crew but 10 yrs ago. i left in 1999 after one and a half years. I am 30 this yr but I think I look younger than my age

It's an uphill task bcos of your age.Dun think sia would like ppl like u with such great experience. They look for SYL la..like when u applied for the fss job 10 long yrs ago...hahaha

boh tong said...

Ooops i mean SYT (sweet young thing...hehehe)

Edmund said...

hi there, i'm interested in being an air steward and is considering if i shd attend the walk-in-interview this weekend. However, i'm hesitant in doing so.

I'm 25 this year and only 1.65m tall. I suffer from eczema but its limited to the calf area and is not visible under normal working pants.

Do i stand any chance at all given all my limitations?

Hope u can give me some advise. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Dear BT,

May I know what kind of illness that cannot pass the SIA CC medical check up?

Would be appreciate for your reply

boh tong said...

what a question? 1001 illnesses la..aids,tb,std,cancer etc...dun ask silly questions cos next time i wun ask u ok

Anonymous said...


For the skin check, if we have make up on then how exactly do they check our skin? do they just check how well the make up hides our flaws?

Also, is it alright to go for the interview with absolutely no make up on? and are freckles considered flaws?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry i forgot to ask one more thing:

Is dyed hair alright? Not a weird or fancy color but brown or copper-brown hair, or do i have to dye it black?

And if dyed hair is acceptable, if there's a couple cm of black hair grown from the roots as the hair was dyed 3 months back - will it be ok? or would i have to re-dye?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hello i am exactly 1.58m...im 20 this year and i would really love to try for the interview.bout the scar..i do have a lightened scar on my lower arm..i just wanna know will i make it?also,its stated that the interview is on the 27 and the 28th.so i go for both or i can choose..i woud be thankful if u colud tell me what would be appropriate for me to wear for the interview.please reply thank you.

Yana said...

Hi I'm 19 and still schooling in a poly. I was thinking of going for the walk in interview this week but I just had minor concerns thinking maybe you can help me. So I was looking at the interview process and saw that we will have to go through skin check. Since i'm young I sometimes have a few pimple problems here and there, but I think nothing too major able to cover up with some makeup, just want to know are they very strict on that ? Also , since i'm still schooling is it advisable I go for the interview ?

orangiraffe said...

Hello there, since everyone seem to be asking questions on scars, I have a question: I have several scars on my hand as a result of cat scratches PLUS I don't have really nice hands ): Would I still pass the skin test?