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Monday, December 7, 2009

Captain "Caviar"

He was nicknamed Capt Caviar because of his love for freeee caviar from the aircraft. He would pretend to be very nice and caring towards the IFS (Inflight Supervisor) so he could get his caviar even before they were served to the first class passengers.
Caviar is a delicacy which is expensive and used to be served to the first class paxs. Today,few airlines serve caviar on their flights because of the limited sturgeons (almost extinct),the fish that produced the caviar.
As a policy,the pilots are allowed to eat the economy class meals before the economy paxs. For first and business class meals they are allowed only after the paxs have eaten and there are extra portions left. They have prioirity over the cabin crew.
Even the captains are not served the other meal courses like caviar,desserts etc except fruits and beverages. Therefore if one is nice to the cc-in-charge like the ifs,one may be able to have a first class a la carte meal service(course by course)served by the stewardesses with the blessings of the cc-in-charge.
So you can see why capt caviar was nice to the ifs. But many cc also could see that capt caviar was only nice to the ifs and not them.
If for any reason capt caviar was not entertained with the caviar course,one could jolly well see his face turned "black"throughout the flight. He would also find fault with the cc. To many cc he was an asshole,a hypocrite and a 'yau kee'(greedy)capt.
We once witnessed him banging the check-in counter when he couldn't get the seat of his choice for his holiday flight. He intimidated the check-in staff and shouted at them (poor staff)when it wasn't their fault (policy was to let revenue paxs have the choice of seats over staff). But with cc he wouldn't dare because he jolly well knew that the cc will "pui pui" into his food and drinks.
"Good riddance to bad rubbish" was the favourite phrase used by many cc on the day capt caviar retired.


Anonymous said...

I have to correct you there. The pilots can eat before the Business class paxs are served.

Singapore Capt said...

yes. In a 4 crew environment, 2 crews can eat before business pax are serve. If all 4 crew want to eat before pax, then the other 2 crew will have to eat economy class meals. If the other 2 crew want business class meals, will have to wait till business class pax are served

Curious said...

S'pore capt what happens when it's a 2 crew operation and if both want to eat JC meals b4 paxs?

Melanie Bone said...

I agree

boh tong said...

Melanie Bone said...
I agree

mel u agree with what??..to marry me? hahaha

bathmate said...

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bath mate said...

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Anonymous said...

Hope his wife remembers to check on him every 40mins otherwise might discover he had drop dead!As he was so used to having maids on board to check for drinks n meals.SMost of them don't even clean the toilet after use n clean has to clean the used sink as well as sometime to flush their urine away.