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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Colonial Ang Moh pilots & management staff.

In the 1960s when I joined the airlines there were many English pilots. There were few local captains. The English captains behaved like yaya papaya and the local pilots were darn scared of them. Even the cc were scared of these ang moh pilots. There were the colonial rulers and were imparting their flying skills and knowledge to the locals.
The cc were also trained by BOAC (predecessor to BA la) people how to serve the passengers. The first few batches of cc were trained in London (like real...big deal!). If anyone of us failed the exams or misbehaved ourselves we would placed on the first flight out of London. Then back home we would be booted out of the company.
Do you know the so-called CEO was also an ang moh chap, so was the Sales & Marketing director and in fact most of the directors. Remember that "Cheap Executive Officer" by the name of David Craig? There was another director called "Howling"....KNN always howl at us whenever we made mistakes on board.
The flight operations director was a Capt. Kopi Susu ( Brown la) and also a Brit. I think all are now 6 feet underground.

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