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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dun pray pray it's the minister's residence

Just a few days back I drove passed a house in Bukit Timah area and noticed Gurkha guards patrolling the area. My friend told me the house belonged to a Singapore minister. He must be a hotshot minister otherwise he would be having the local police guarding his house and not Gurkha. I told my friend to be on the best behaviour otherwise we might get into trouble.
This minister house and the Gurkha guards reminded me of a steward who was sacked because he was behaving "disorderly" near the residence of another hotshot minister some 30 years ago.
What actually happened was the steward,an Indian guy was trying to jump across a drain but fell and created a commotion. The Gurkha guards picked him up and he smelled of alcohol.He was apparently drunk and so the guards arrested him. He was let off,I think or was he charged? I can't remember because it happened so very long ago. The case was reported in the local newspaper. The airline was embarrassed by the incidence and it didn't take long before the steward was sacked.

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