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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eddie J's birthday party on Friday nite.

Got this news from Luke's blog about ex cabin crew SVP Eddie J's birthday party at S'pore Island Country Club on 4 Dec. I was told it was Edd's 70th B/D.
Heard also there were many guests like 100 invited. Wondered why wasn't his former bosses there? Most guests were his friends and subordinates like his CCEs,Mangers and VPs. Hmmm....we know Edd to be a sincere and honest man who does not suck up to his bosses. Good on you mate! But why didn't you invite me huh?? I am not Patrick or Jeffery you know?...hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Cos U no Sar Ka enough la ! ;-)

BT said...

no big deal la..luckily not invited or else have to give present ma.

old crew also said...

Trouble with senior SQ staff is that they dont seem to be able to let go.

Still live in the past.. inviting old colleagues for birthday party is just stirring up memories that entrenches your beliefs.

Let go man... let go... look towards the sunshine and allow the shadow of your past fall behind you.

Let go

very old crew said...

Well said man......fully agree with you !

Anonymous said...

"Frogs living in a well"