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Monday, December 28, 2009

Met ugly ex crew

I have not been blogging very much the last 1 week. Reason?....because of the festive mood la. Spent lots of time roaming the street and guess what? I met a few ex crew. It's not that I am happy to meet them but it gives me reasons to blog about them.
I met an ex ifs who had retired (I hope so). Let's call him mj. He looked like a pig,yes i mean fat like a pig. He looked haggard and worst still he was drunk. Mj was a lazy pig when he was flying.He was freaking dishonest too. Let me tell you an incident which my ex colleague who flew him told us.
It happened like this: When mj checked into a hotel in LAX,the hotel staff issued him 19 free drink coupons for him and his crew (to be used in the hotel bar). He gave 1 to his cce and pocketed the rest for himself. He deceived his crew by denying that the hotel had stopped issuing the drink coupons. His crew found out that msj had a girlfriend in LA and had used the coupons to entertain her.
The funny thing was his so called gf after drinking with him in the hotel stole his wallet and absconded. Serves him rite this mj asshole.
Mj is an alcoholic till today ( like I said he was pissed when I met him). His wife left him for another crew.They didn't have children.

The next day after I met msj,I also met another retired senior crew.This one is also an alcoholic. His hands were shaking badly as he strecthed out to shake mine (actually it was out of courtesy I shook his hands but I dreaded it).
He told me he was working in a few places after he left the airlines. He didn't stay long in his job.He also invested in a catering business but lost lots of money. He closed shop after that. Let's call him P (for pariah).
An ex colleague who knew P better than me had told me about him earlier. According to him P was a freaking lazy bugger. I knew that because we worked with each other for years in the airline. But P took his lazy habit to his new found jobs. He drank with his customers until he was so bloody pissed that he couldn't supervised his staff. This went on for months and finally his boss (his good fren)has to boot him. I alos heard that a fren was trying to help P to his feet by partnering him in a business venture. His poor fren I was told had to do all the running and hardwork while P was drinking all day. Believe you me,P didn't even bother to open his email to look out for customers' orders. He opened his email once in 5 to 7 days and by that time all his customers had gone to other companies.
Real sad when I heard about P. But you know what? P has an ego that's as big as the unniverse and that's why none of us dare to correct or advise him.

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