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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you know why she failed her interview?

I received from a reader pertaining to her recent SIA cabin crew interview:

Dear BT,

I am 21 and I stand at 1.70 metres.

I passed the first round and second round which consisted of a memory and team-building game and a 1-to-1 15 minutes interview.

When it came to the third round where we were supposed to put on our Kebayas and go through the skin check at the same time, I did not make it together with all three girls in my remaining group.

Firstly, we took around 7-10 minutes to get changed when there was a sign stating we could only take 5 minutes in the room. Secondly, the examiner had asked me to remove my watch. I had a tattoo on my right wrist which could be fully covered up with a simple medium-sized watch strap but declared it in the application form since registration. I had above average fair skin (not to boast), with no blemishes or opened pores compared to the other three girls. The girls told me the Kebaya fitted me well and I honestly believed my walk was fine and at least passable.

I would like to know if it was the wrist tattoo that eliminated me in this round or was it the Kebaya changing time? I might want to laser this tattoo off so this question I'm posting to you is probably a life-changing one to me. Please get back to me asap and thank you for allowing me to take up some of your time for reading my mail. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

Warmest Regards,


Anonymous said...

This wannabe has attitude problem.Look at the way she asked BT to reply to her "asap". Want free advice and got the cheek to ask for a quick reply.
Disobedient is a no no for wannabe at interview.If it's only 5 mins why took more time than allowed? Behave like this and you will NEVER smell the cc job.

Anonymous said...

She claimed she's 21 years of age.

She should sit down and figure it out herself what went wrong?

She has all the time to improve herself until the next intake.


Anonymous said...

Dear madam,
There is nothing wrong with your appearance or your mental health.

These numerous rounds of interview is merely a charade. To lend an air of exclusiveness. Its like Louis Vuitton or Prada. They intentionally
create a fuss over some small issue to give the impression that there is uniqueness.

There is a minimum yardstick that you need to have, but beyond that, its just plain luck, and the mood of the interviewers.

These interview sessions are the only gateway to pass through. Once inside, the people are very ordinary and they really dont give a shit about you anyway.

The admin assistants dont give you any 2nd looks, the security guards will screen you head to toe. The cabin crew control centre officers treat you as a product to be recalled or sent out as if on an errand. The taxi drivers sent to pick you up cant be bothered about your bags. The airport check in staff wont even say good morning.
The pilots will ask you for camomile tea with 1 teaspoon of honey and lemon juice ( freshly squeezed ).
The immigration at Amsterdam cant give you a damn.

So, this interview is the only time that you think you are joining an exclusive club. But once inside... its plain old jane for you.. singlish is spoken, lah, and leh... he-hor... and ahbaden?
No one answers the phones at the office, you get emails about complaints but never about your birthdays!

You get endless circulars on updates about movie tittles being wrongly printed, you get reminders to follow the guidelines..
The environment is not the dream that you dreamt.. You may have been the one lucky one to NOT get in!.. go try CX or Qatar.. become an expat.

bohtongfan said...

Wow what pompous retards with pathetic English probably earning sub-par incomes judging people so harshly to boost your egos.

I think its pretty obvious that she's clearly very interested in this job. What you see as attitude I see as enthusiasm to work out her faults. Just an FYI for you, its not uncommon even in the business world to add "asap" or "hope to hear from you as soon as possible" in emails/letters , but I guess you were'nt educated enough to figure that out .

As to the 2nd poster, I don't think there are any guides or books , this is one of the few sources of information a prospective applicant can get . I don't see your point at all , If you've actually been for one of these I'm sure you'll understand that no reason is given for non-acceptance of application , shes merely trying to figure out from an experienced source like BohTong.

As for the girl itself , I think you should ask yourself if this is truly the career for you , CC is very image concious job and tattoos would be a problem . You have to ask yourself if this job is worth a personal sacrifice like lasering off your tattoo.

Anonymous said...

"thank you for allowing me to take up some of your time for reading my mail. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again."

Seriously some people here are true blue idiots . How can she possibly have poor attitude and "have the cheek" when she seems to be sincere and polite and thanks Bohtong for his time . Get a life seriously.

Anonymous said...

i failed skin check! i think SIA should say ex-model are welcome to be their crew!

boh tong sayang said...

bohtongfan said...
Wow what pompous retards with pathetic English probably earning sub-par incomes judging people so harshly to boost your egos.
No need to be so arrogant.Are u the wannabe who wrote to BT?

Anonymous said...

To "bohtongfan"...

Sound more like another wannabe who failed in the interview.

Another pathetic loser.

Probably thinks that having tattoo is cool.

Wait until you grow old and look at your tattoo in the mirror.

Give you another 30 years time.

Guess who is having the last laugh.

IFSs said...

wanna have tattoo and at same time wanna be a fss with sia..wat wanna be a yakuza then join the JAL or ANA?

Stupid Idiot said...

Ladies & Gentlemen
Please take a moment and think about what SIA means to you and to the travelling public.

What is the perception of SIA as an airline? Do they come across as "happy go lucky"? or " formal & serious about luxury"?

Think about what the company branding is all about and the face it tries to project:

A) updated hardware: new aircraft
B) reliable schedules
C) proficient staff

From its history, it has always projected an image of a steady, un-hurried and conservative company. At one stage, all the board of directors were above 55 years old. To date, there are some who are beyond 70yrs!

Does this not give you an idea what is their outlook of what a cabin crew should look like?
Have they ever advertised or projected an image like Richard Branson's Virgin ailrines?

Review all their publicity calendars, annual reports, TV ads ( from Youtube ) and check out the one single thread: conservative.

And you think there is a chance that they will accept a staff with visible tattoos? pimples and scar marks? It is like they look for girls from the convent and guys from the monastery... (virginity is tested elsewhere )

If you still do not understand this, then you should not be a crew with SQ.. better chance with others.. and you definitely are from the flip-flop group.

If you get in, I will sell my SQ shares.