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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Samaritan crew

There was a accident and a pedestrian was badly injured when a car slammed into her. The victim laid unconscious and bleeding profusely.
At the time of the accident, steward Kong was crossing the road and ran to help the victim.
He applied first aid and called the ambulance.
Subsequently the victim was warded in the hospital and Kong visited her. She recovered and thanked Kong for saving her life.

D was a senior steward on the flight.He noticed a lady pax crying outside the aircraft toilet. He went to enquire and found that the lady had dropped her diamond ring into the toilet bowl and was flushed away.
D put his hand into the bowl and searched for the ring. After a few minutes,the ring was found and returned to the lady.

Pax James' baggage was missing when the flight arrived at FRA. The airline paid him a certain sum of money to buy essential items until they could fully ascertain whether James' baggage was totally lost and compensate him more.
James checked into the same hotel as the crew. He expressed his desire to join the crew for lunch that afternoon but did not have spare clothing. Ali the steward who served James on the flight lent James his shirt. James enjoyed himself by getting to know the crew better.

Pax Ellias was upset because his kosher meal was not uploaded on the flight. The crew could not do anything much except tried their best to serve him a Muslim meal which was quite acceptable. However, Ellias was still angry with the airline.
Lye was a the senior steward in charge of the zone where Ellias was seated.
Lye felt sorry for Ellias and during one of his off days in S'pore,Lye volunteered to bring Ellias out for a tour of Singapore. Of course,Ellias was happy with the voluntary service provided by Lye.

A lady pax broke her shoes heel on the flight.She did not have spare shoes and so decided to walk bare footed at the arrival hall at Changi.
Flight stewardess Sue offered the lady her pair of shoes which the pax gratefully accepted.

There were many more of such kind acts by the cabin crew except they were not reported nor recorded.Thank you cc for a job well done!


Senior IFS said...

Yes, crew have been doing good deeds for many years and management could not care less.
Its because many good deeds remain unreported.
Why? there is no purpose except to record the incident. Sometimes its because if something goes wrong such as the pax finds out that crew smoke marijuana during night stops ( for the pax that lost his luggage) then, this will cause a sacking etc.

But this sort of spirit is now history. its each crew for himself now days.
Thanks to the left over executives and managers who filter out all information so that Board of Directors dont get to hear it.

I was one of those involved in the acts that was described.

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower to your blog and I enjoy reading all the stories. Hence, I couldn't help but post a comment as this is something I can totally relate to.

I worked in the retail indusry for years. The thing is when a customer is not happy, they will make sure the Top Management knows about it. Be it by letter and some even threatened to talk to the press, etc.

However, when a staff goes out of her/his way to "go that extra mile" for our customers, such acts are all taken for granted. Rarely do they make the effort to inform the Top Management.

Usually this is how Brickbats and Compliments are handled. How I wish such issues can be handled equally.

Anonymous said...

"What goes around comes around"

Any good deed rendered, you'll be rewarded one way or another.

Dont bother whether management is aware or not.

Trust me you'll be bless and whatever you do you will be successful.

Ooops hope I don't sound like I'm preaching....

Base on my own experiences.


Anonymous said...

Never volunteer for anything.
This company is a good company but the middle management sucks.
Many good deed has been done by crew for the customers but if the crew did one thing wrong, the big hammer will come down on you.

I was one of those who got whacked.
Faithfully doing my job and always for the customers and crew. Till one day, a JFSS pointed fingers at me for not following the guidelines.

Middle management decided to escalate it to the highest court and then... wham!.. its sayonara.
Ahh! the comfort of passing the buck to someone else to decide.
Well, hope the managers can sleep peacefully.. knowing what is the truth.

Retribution is real... many in management suffer cancers and personal issues.Some have already died... but not after prolonged suffering.

Conclusion: Do not volunteer.

Joongy's Blog said...

Yo, bt wassup......sorry MIA for long time. hehehehehe

BT said...

McBabe...good to hear from u again lah...coming to S'pore?

Anonymous said...

Some crew do go overboard when taking care of sick paxs, even at the expense of their own health. Remember the CSS who sucked out the mucus from a sick child who couldn't breathe. The child's parents wouldn't even do it. Poor crew fell ill after that life-saving act. Hope management remembers this when her contract extension is due.Don't think giving her an award is enough.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Some crew do go overboard when taking care of sick paxs, even at the expense of their own health. Remember the CSS who sucked out the mucus from a sick child who couldn't breathe.
Wow i am impressed.Did the cc do that?? i can't believe it..omg..this cc shd be given a gold medal.