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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A molester on board!

A molester is someone who subjects others to unwanted or improper sexual activities,according to Thesaurus online dictionary.
Mick was a leading steward working in the business class. Mick was always on the look out for single female passenger on his flight. His tactic was to be extremely nice to this type of passengers by doing PR,giving more attention,giving airline souvenir,extra drinks and even to the extent of upgrading them to the business class where he was in charge.
Mick would often boast about his adventures with the female passengers he picked up,how and what he did to them in bed. Frankly,Mick was not all that good looking but because of his so called skills he was quite successful in convincing the women to go with him.
On one of his flights to Japan,Mick upgraded Keiko a sweet looking Japanese passenger who was travelling alone in the economy.
Keiko was a shy passenger whose English was limited. Anyhow,Mick was nice and pampered her on the flight. She was willing to be upgraded to the business class which was rather empty.
During the night after the lights were turned off Mick went over and sat next to Keiko.
He chatted in broken Japanese with Keiko. He offered her numerous rounds of champagne with the intention of making her drunk. Keiko loved the champagne from the business class. She kept on drinking and in no time was pissed. Now Mick started his nonsense.
He kissed Keiko on the lips and Keiko responded a little. As though not enough to satisfy himself,Mick put his hand into Keiko's blouse and rubbed her big rounded breast. At this point Keiko pushed Mick away but he was persistent and went further by stripping Keiko off her blouse. This went on for a few minutes until Keiko started to cry out loudly.
When the flight landed,Keiko lodged a complaint against Mick to the ground staff. The complaint was relayed to cabin crew division in Singapore.
Mick was charged for molesting Keiko and was dismissed from the company.
The last we heard was Mick was working as a porter for a hotel.

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Anonymous said...

Come on, don't make up story so it sounds more juicy. Did Mick really rubbed Keiko's breast and took off her blouse in JCL? How come I didn't hear of this? You are a fraud.