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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Sengkang market/hawker center

She complained bitterly about the above.
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If you have visited the above center we would love
to have your view please.


Anonymous said...

the center is owned by kopitiam grp what so they can insist you use their card lor.

Korfu member said...

Kopitiam can make more money because they incentivate ppl by giving discount on food by using their card.

ah beng talks! said...

Aiyah! complain & complain... not happy? just vote with your feet lor!
Sama with airline service... complain and complain but when it comes to the crunch, still fly with SQ.. why? becos they did'nt pay for their tickets! They fly on their employer's time and money!

Not happy with management? resign.
Not happy with friends? break off.
Not happy with union? vote new ones
Not happy with mom & dad? pack up!
Not happy with life? go & die

If want to have changes, then get involved.. otherwise get lost.

boh tong said...

I support "ah beng's" comments..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Ah Beng.How to get involve if I am not happy, ah? I am a scary cat. I prefer to sit behind and criticise lah. Better that way. If I get involve then, I got to make sacrifices, right? I don't want lah. I am comfortable now. Just open my mouth and shout. So easy, right? Many people are doing that in here, so what the different. In CC also can see many many doing that. Get involve and sacrifice? You must be mad. Let other people sacrifice lah. They die, I live.

ah beng talks! said...

If not happy, and dont want to get involved, then get lost.
Go ahead and shout from the sidelines... go ahead and let someone else make the sacrifice.

Be prepared to face further unhappiness becos things are not in your favour.
Be prepared to be ignored
Be prepared to get f__ked

Unhappy?.. make a lot of noise and be ignored.