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Friday, January 1, 2010

The power of a senior Japanese C&$@,my first New Year (2010) Story

Ja was an ordinary chief steward who loved to have fun whenever he worked with stewardesses.He didn't mean to be a chee koh pek or flirtatious with them. He was cheeky no doubt but meant no harm towards them.
There was story about Ja helping a fellow crew who had lost the company's money at a casino in London. The leading steward lost about S$1,000 playing Roulette. When Ja met him at the casino,he told Ja about his loss (the money belonged to the company thru'bar sales).
Ja being a kind chief helped recouped the loss by "defeating" the casino in the game of Roulette. The 1k which Ja won was returned to the leading steward.
The above story was told here to show that Ja was a kind and helpful guy.
The actual story which I am about to tell is about how Ja was "reported" by a Japanese crew and eventually got a sack from SIA.
On one of his flights,Ja was working with a Japanese stewardess Yuki. The pax load was light and they were working in the business class. Out of boredom and mischief,Ja playfully stuck a banana into Yuki's backside. Yuki let out a scream and seemed to enjoy it. They both had a good laugh and went back to serving their paxs.
At the end of the flight, Ja apologised to Yuki about the banana incidence. The apology was made not because Ja thought he was doing the wrong thing but just to be polite.
A few days later Yuki met her senior Japanese crew. Over a meal,Yuki told about the banana incidence. It was never meant to be a complaint against Ja but the senior crew took it seriously. She cajoled Yuki into writing a complaint against Ja over the incidence. Yuki didn't want to complain but culturally it was difficult to go against the wishes of her senior. Reluctantly,Yuki wrote a complaint against Ja.
A disciplinary inquiry was held a few weeks later by SIA cabin crew and HR division. It ended with Ja being dismissed from the company.

Footnote: Ja had an elder brother who was also a senior crew with SIA at that time. This brother of his had divorced his Japanese stewardess wife who was a friend of the senior Japanese stewardess who had instigated Yuki to complain against Ja. I am not sure whether the divorce had anything to do with Ja's case.
BTW that senior Japanese stewardess had strong connection with cc managment people.


Anonymous said...

You mean that bitch SATO? Bicycle of Capt G Singh? Anyway SS Tan reported her for making $ by putting the Jap trainees in cockroach infested rental units. SATO was getting "kopi $" from the housing agent who helped put the Jap trainees into their rental units. Company did not renew SATO's contract. Well done SS!

Anonymous said...

SS Tan so powerful meh? Heard it was Eddy Ang who complained against Sato.

KY said...

The first comment must be from Freddy Quek,Jason's brother.Don't be so sore Fred because that bitch had received retribution.

Crew said...

JFSS are the most vicious. They appear to be docile and meek.
But beware!.. handle them from 10 meters.
Best to leave them where there is the greatest load of pax and watch them work their butt off.

If any crew is reading this:...
stay away from JFSS.. even if they are dying.. it is still dangerous!

They are racists and think poorly of others.. observe and you will know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

They are big "wayang queens" when they don their uniform. But to be fair not all were/are like that, but the majority were/are. Problem started when Mgmt decided on Jap supervisors, & Sato "set the stage". She started playing office politics. Imagine you going to Japan and doing that, you'll end up on the first plane home.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bohtong, ask you ah, how much is SQ's gratuity ah?

boh tong said...

for contract cc after completion of 1st 5 yrs is 10k and after 10 yrs is 30k.

Anonymous said...

It is 10K for 5 years, 25k for 10 years (Non guaranteed, sub to contract renewal after 5 years)

boh tong's uncle said...

aiya this one is more correct la:

By Karamjit Kaur, Aviation Correspondent

SINGAPORE Airlines used to pay cabin crew a gratuity of $15,000 upon completion of five years of service.

This has now been cut to $10,000, but a bigger gratuity awaits those who stay on: Junior crew who stay 10 years, for example, will now collect $35,000 - $5,000 more than before.

Anonymous said...

Is this better for crew?

Anonymous said...

Its better for stayers. Those touch & go, I think won't benefit. It all depends.

Anonymous said...

SIA is very smart as they know crew now adays don't stay long, not even up to 5 years. Its a win win situation as they save on the $5k from those who quit and pay to those who stay for more then 10 yrs. Common sense will tell you that more crew will quit on 5 yrs then stay till 10 yrs. Smart right, that's why they are the #1 airline...