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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stories to tell?

As I am coming out with a book about airline stories I would appreciate very much if you have a story to contribute.Please email me your story to
If your story is published,I will send you a free copy of my book. It could also be a ghost story.


Kitty said...

Uncle BT.May I ask why female crew do not get maternity leave as other workers in S'pore? I heard from a supervisor IFS PJ who said that we, female crew should get maternity leave as we should not be discriminated against. What is your opinion? Does he make sense?

boh tong said...

Kitty first of all this is not the place to ask such question. The post is "Stories to tell?" *sigh* like that how not to discriminate huh?
Go and find out what are the chances of getting a miscarriage if a stewardess was to fly and get pregnant. The risk is much higher say that of a ground staff.

Anonymous said...

PJ Singh is full of SH*T. All Talk!
Ask him about his "BOND STORE" days and what he did to put himself there.