Monday, January 11, 2010

Supposedly from a junior cabin crew

If this comment is really from a junior cabin crew then .....
Do you think this is the situation in cc division now? Your comments please.

King of Junior has left a new comment on your post "Who were they?":

All senior CC and oldies have to wake up from their slumber. The NEW CC Culture is here - Junior is King. As long as TPT is SVP of CC, he will protect all the junior crew as he need all the feedback against the senior crew. Never mind if the service standard has drop and is dropping. Just need all the feedback so can kick all the oldies and senior crew and save lots of money. Look at the channels existed to F**k all the senior crew - UFS, Whistleblower channel, CCN, Feedback to Wardleaders, etc..More channels will be open up using infromation technology so that the oldies who dont now ablut computers cannot use them. So all seniors and oldies, wakey wakey..


Anonymous said...

There are people still romantic about doing "honest" work.
Being true to the manual, follow the rules, being nice and fair or being firm and supportive of company initiatives.

One wrong move and tiny sneeze.. thats it! arrrgh! shudder!.. I am glad I am not LS and I am still below 25!!wrates

I not stupid said...

don't think TPT is so damn stupid to just please the jr. and go against the snr.
He plays both ways and cc get screwed in the end.By then TPT would have left cc div and become may be assistant CEO of SIA...hahaha

sam said...

this is rubbish lar... in order to get to senior post u got to start at the bottom.. this young crew are just arrogant and they think they know everything.. in order for a company to run you need some seniors to be around, like the young crew can run the show.. this young crew are just full of shit.. seniors are needed in any organisation..

sympathiser said...

Poor seniors i pity you guys for being bullied after spending many yrs with the co. by young spoilt arrogant brats

OneYearFlyingBaller said...

bloody arsehole

Anonymous said...

My advice to seniors is this: if any junior who is arrogant, breaks rule, just report him to office. Keep a black book (not for girls' telephone nos.) and circulate names of those who make life difficult for seniors among yourselves. If not, you can't survive. You must play the same game.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk nonsense. You think this is Communism? Unless the senior crew are 'tok kong', follow the books, behave like a prophet, lead by example, super clean, work harder than the junior crew, have vast knowledge, very current with what is happening, very knowledgable, richer than the junior crew, than all will be fine.In today working environment, a leader need to be all of the above. The junior just come to work and bring their body and everything, just ask the senior crew who are their tutor, mentor, friends, etc. It is tough to be a senior crew. So welcome to the real world. Report the junior crew? How? You should be mentoring them instead of reporting them. If you report them, it shows that your Leadership skill is sub-standard.

Referee said...

The junior crew who wrote the above to BT should be screwed. Idiot! 1 day jr would be snr and what happen then?? Stupid mentality!

Anonymous said...

Very true. But then again, with junior crew on contract, we do not look forward to being a senior crew. All of us are planning to move on in our career after flying for a few years and after saving some $$. There is stability outside. So do not fret about us being senior, those senior crew are in a dilemma now, with the fast changes in the work environment in cabin crew. As a senior crew, the demand to motivate, mentoring the junior crew is great. Some of the senior crew are handicap with this fast changes and they always try to dream of the nostalgic times of yesteryears and are struggling to bring back the old times. Each time we speak with the senior crew, they always 'yak & yak' about the old times, which we are really not interested. We just kuai kuai listen to them so as not to offend them. I really pity the senior crew. The burden on their shoulders is great what with no support from above. Good luck all seniors.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk cock, my friend. Wait till you are out of contract and try to find a job paying the kind of salary CC are getting. Even if you manage to find one, working conditions are just as bad, if not worse. Treasure your time in CC, be humble, make as many friends as possible. Save up. 9 out of 10 CC who left, whether voluntarily or otherwise, are finding life is not a bed of roses out there in the real world. Wake up or grow up, whatever the case may be, pal.

Anonymous said...


boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
Don't talk cock, my friend. Wait till.... Treasure your time in CC, be humble, make as many friends as possible. Save up. 9 out of 10 CC who left, whether voluntarily or otherwise, are finding life is not a bed of roses out there in the real world. Wake up or grow up..

I do agree with the above. Even my colleagues the cces are struggling to find jobs outside..its not tat they need the $ but to kill boredom.

BadGal said...

Agree totally. Who say life is a bed of roses outside CC are giving a wrong impression. Those who think you can make it outside are the ones who find difficulty to survive. Enjoy your life in CC, work hard, stay out of trouble and you be fine.

Anonymous said...

Junior crew - enjoy your work and give your best. Nothing is forever.

Senior crew - We just have to learn , change and adapt and move on with the times.

Why do we have to share the good old times with the juniors if they cannot be bothered or interested.

After all most of the time now , when we night stop , everyone is left to his/ her own. Just enjoy the flight and look forward to the allowance.

Whether it's a bed of roses outside of CC or not , it's anyone's guess. So enjoy your flying days while it lasts.

Stop all this bickering . Have a pleasant flight.

LOve always

Smart said...

SQ cabin crew division is suffering from low morale and has turned very divisive. It does not have a positive climate anymore.
In fact this mood started many years back ( 2000-2005 ) and has degraded further.
The only focus seems to be cost reduction and with that, the senior staff is viewed as a high cost. By any means, the seniors need to be removed. Regardless if experience counts or not, there seems to be a narrow margin. Not having seniors beyond 15 years appears to be the target. Anyone above that is deemed "old". In order not to provoke labour and union, they lie in wait for mistakes to happen: like predators lurking behind every class divider to pounce on any crew!
Ready to throw the entire manual!
It is management's prerogative.

Well, that is what I sense.
I do not see this style as being helpful in nurturing a caring and intelligent employee.
It promotes a climate of distrust and insincerity.
The symptoms are fake smiles and disinterest to go the extra mile.

There are some management styles that supports this view, but it is used in a different business: Prisons and detention centres.

With all their financial resources and cost savings, along with capable and qualified management, I am certain they know what is happening ( if at all ) and know what to do: a simple change of styles will return Cabin crew to a highly spirited, motivated and sharper division to work in.

Unfortunately, this is not going to happen for a long time yet.
There is still plenty of time and the allure of being a Flight attendant is very much a self driving force to attract new staff: until word gets around that the company is not worth joining.
This is the nature of the airline industry.

Nonetheless, leadership and bold thinking are qualities that help to keep any business with an edge and to be profitable.
That edge is the experience of older staff. It can be put to very good use: provided it is managed carefully. In this instance, there is much distrust and the seeds of negativity has been sown ( by whom?)

6000+ staff, more than 50% females and below 5 years.. it is a wonderful situation to tap on the seniors.. service comes from the heart and commitment to satisfy the wants of customers.

But it seems that having very young staff ( both in age and length of service ) is the philosophy. I also understand that the business traveller ( which accounts for 60% of earnings)loves that "bimbo" characteristic of crew.. that naivety ( which is fake anyway )

So, enough ranting. Conclusion: once you have clocked 5 years, leave! otherwise, prepare to face obstacles, even if you are positive about life! Management needs to justify your employ, so they have to create more laborious and tedious task for you!
And, by that time you will have bad knees, poor eye sight and lack of hair ( males ) .. thats when the predator waits and.... wham! bye! bye!

Anonymous said...

I think this management policy of keeping CC young is from CC management, what with TPT trying to achieve high KPI. Hope CEO gets to read what is being written here. Perhaps, someone should tip him off. Then he will know that CC is in the shit house. Time to clean up.

Anonymous said...

Bravo.Bravo.Well-said.Bulls-eys.You nail the problem accurately.Thank you for your insight.Hopefully,Management who have a heart and sincere enough to see CC grow and be the best would read this and make adjustment.Those Management who have ambitions to climb the corporate ladder without having the interest of the airline at heart will just laugh at the above.

Ex Manager CC said...

Smart said...The only focus seems to be cost reduction and with that, the senior staff is viewed as a high cost. By any means, the seniors need to be removed.

Fully agreed with Smart.Look at the CCE(C/Ts)..high pay,oldish got them out on the pretext of "Sars" IFS took over their positions but is CC any better?

Anonymous said...

'Divide and conquer' . That's the art of war tactic use by management to good effect in my opinion. But they better be ready to suffer the consequence it may bring.

Anonymous said...

I dont see whats the big deal in all these. It's just a high paid waiter/waitress job anyway. Being a cc still needs to clean after people's shit.

Anonymous said...

and i wonder what do you do for a livinf sir/madam

Anonymous said...

He/she applied to be a CC many times, albeit unsuccessfully. That's why the name-calling comes in. Writer must be a lowly-paid waiter/waitress in small dim-sum joint.

Anonymous said...

What is so wrong even if it's like a waiter / waitress job ? It's still a job and it's a decent and admirable vocation.

Stop being such an arrogant brat. Not everyone can be such a waiter / waitress . And please respect their pride and their call. Even if she is a hooker. It's a dirty job maybe , but someone just got to do it.

Your day may come some day if you are not careful. Cheers !!

Love all.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere is the same SHIT!!

Only different SMELL!

Just enjoy your Job!

Be commited and dedicated in whatever you do.