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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This comment is damn Mean!

We were talking about the cc of SIA then came this meanest comment:

Anonymous said...

I dont see whats the big deal in all these. It's just a high paid waiter/waitress job anyway. Being a cc still needs to clean after people's shit.


Sex C said...

the commenter must be a frustrated wannabe who can't get to be a stewardess.

EX crew long ago said...

"...whats the big deal?..."
The job may appear simple and is similar to a waiter or waitress. Yes.

But unlike a restaurant where a waiter can call the police for assistance to remove a drunk customer who is vomiting next to you,
cabin crew needs to deal with this at 36,000 feet and with tact and firmness. The end result should be:

A) nice smelling vomit
B) drunk customer sleeps soundly
C) other customers happy with you
D) No evidence of incident
E) all other services continues

Can an ordinary waiter do all that and yet receive compliments?
Well, SQ strives for that and more.

But let me redirect my comments to management:
According to "guidelines" there is no method to remove vomit, make it sweet smelling and no method to calm the drunk customer.
This is some of the events that crew manage on board and deal with, far from the support of super-duper executives and managers.
Your senior crew are the back bones of superior service in these situations. Junior crew receives the accolades because the seniors are the ones driving it from the shadows.

But this is not recognised. It could even turn extremely bad for the IFS or the complex leader! Imagine if the junior crew provides feedback to management:
That she saw the senior crew tear open a large coffee bag and placed it near the spot where the vomitus was. Although the intent was honourable,the senior crew wasted the company's stock item and therefore, should be reprimanded!

Ahhh!.. this is what is happening and the action of the senior crew is questioned while the junior crew jumps for joy and gets a pat on the back for being so obedient.

Its time for all those who are above 10 years to leave for your competitor where such spirit and endeavours are far more useful.

You have the maturity and the expertise which will be an advantage. It does not have to be in the airlines.. you can still visit LON, SFO, AMS.. fear not..

the world is yours if you follow your passion of intelligent thinking coupled with a high energy for spirited service.


former cc said...

Ya Ex Crew's comment holds water. CC should not stay too long and sell their souls to the airline.If they do when they leave or worse still retire they will not have any value in the ourside world.
Get out asap. Look at lambert,ricky,james kartek (owner of 7 Subway outlets,ah tiam (owner of many HK street rest)chiam of swizzle and many more. They can do it so can you all.

Anonymous said...

Really? James Kartek, owner of 7 Subway outlets? I think you confuse him with Joe Tan's brother.

Passer by... said...

just let the management have all the flip-flop generation Y.. the one that always wears flip-flops ( sandals) and ask "Y"..
they only know how to click mouse and cannot do anything without drop down dialogue boxes.
they think they are cool with laptops and gadgets galore.
its ok.. senior ah peks.. go sell them things that they dont need. and become richer.. flip-flop generation just loves to spend and spend.. make money from them.. they cannot afford home, so rent them rooms!! rent them with internet.. they like shiok shiok.

do washing for them, charge by kilo
they lazy and do not know how to iron and wash.

sell them korean noodles.. they like shiok shiok!

after they have headache, sell them panadol!!

encourage them to play internet games.. until 6am they shiok shiok, sell them pau to eat before sleeping!

charge them for taxi and wake up call to report for flight at 2300.
they like shiok shiok!

sell them 2nd hand ihone.. they like!..

Best generation to sell things to!!
anything that uses power, they will buy!anything that has a screen they want!
sell them more flip-flop.. colourful ones, unique ones.. they like!

Dont fight with them!.. sell them things!

former cc said...

Ooops! ya maybe it's Joe tan's bro James.Thanks for the correction.

boh tong said...

Passer by said..
do washing for them, charge by kilo
they lazy and do not know how to iron and wash.

sell them korean noodles.. they like shiok shiok!

after they have headache, sell them panadol!!

Hey passer by u darn cute lah...hahaha...make me laugh until my sides hurt ...

Passer by.... said...

I have a friend who works for a company called Teledirect Pte Ltd, who handles the call centre operations for Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Members flight bookings.

She was conned into signing a 18 months contract with them, thinking that the pay is good with incentives and good welfare for working under a well known Singapore Government owned company

Never know the danger of signing a work contract without even starting on the job, she was horrified to know that the so called incentive was near impossible to hit and they will be penalised with forfeiture of half month of their incentives for just taking 1 day medical leave for the month.

And if you are late for work even 1 second for just once in the month, you will lose the entire month's incentive.
And best of all, whe she was interviewed, she was not informed she is not allowed to carry her mobile phone into the call centre area during working hours and had to leave it in her locker.

And after sigining the 18 months contract, she will have to pay a penalty of 2 months salary if she leaves the company less than 18 months in the job.

To top it most, she is still liable to pay the 2 months pay penalty even if she is retrenched by the company within the 18 months contractual period.
Urgently informing everyone not to work for Singapore Airlines's Krisflyer Membership Services Teledirect Pte Ltd.

And strangely, Singapore's Health Minister will allowed people working in Singapore to be penalised for taking just 1 day medical leave when they are genuinely sick. And there is totally no workers protection for people working in Singapore even the Ministry of Manpower always proclaim the tripartite agreement between government, employers and employees will seek a balance of interests for all three parties.

afraid said...

Passerby was that true about your friend?? Omg what's happening in Singapore a so called first world country.

Anonymous said...

MM Lee is damm great! Without him, you might be still squating in your toilet and living in run-down conditions!

Ex Crew: Totally agreed with what you mentioned regarding the situation on flight. But that is also the reason why airlines paid a high salary for a this extraordinary waitress job!If not, who wants to be cc?? They just market it to sound attractive but end of the day, you are just doing the same things

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! So many nonsense in here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
OMG!!! So many nonsense in here. ya lor cabin crew not only clean ppl's shit on flt but also full of shit themselves..hehehe