Thursday, March 18, 2010

My husband is a slut! a lady reader.

Very interesting blog.. I chance upon this blog when I googled for "Singapore Airlines Stewardess Sluts". Boy, was I surprised to find an established blog dedicated to this topic!

Seems so far, your tales from the crypt relates more to the unsavoury behaviours of the flight attendants. What about the shenanigans btw tech crew and SQ stewardess?

I for one am married to a FO on the B777 fleet, and i don't parade the pseudo kebaya by Pierre Balmain.

My husband and I were friends since 16, went to same college, same university. We dated since Uni for 6 yrs before marriage. Married for 5 yrs,we have 2 young sons, the younger just 2 months shy of 1yr.

My husband was in the corporate sector, prior to switchin to SQ. Silly me, supported his move as he always had a passion for flying.

I frequently go on biz trips for work. Once, I had a last min cxl of a biz trip - my husband didn't expect me to be in SG. He landed the evening before but only returned home the next day. I was 6 months pregnant with our 2nd child then.

I confronted him, but of course he feigned innocence on his part. Onus was on me to uncover the dirt. Checked his hp bills, he chalked up over $400 of overseas charges on long conversations to a local number. Called the number, an Ah Lian-sounding lady picked up. (Don't mean to be condescending but the standard of SQ stewardess has really gone down. While some are well spoken, most should really consider a course in British Council).

It was not until i "stole" my husband's hp that I finally made sense of the situation.

There were mushy sms from a string of SQ gals. Now one interesting thing about these gals, they all go by glamorous English names even though their IC is registered with their Hanyun Pinyin names. Sms from gals with names like Ayu, Evone, Janice, Joyce, Kelly, Lisa, Melinda, Monica,Sally,Sherie, Yvonne. Gosh, he got the Alphabets covered!

Now, you men must be thinking "typical SQ sluts" by now. But hold your horses, the bigger slut is my husband. While some of these women knew of his marital status, most did not. He conveniently carries himself as a single man (sans wedding ring...the wedding ring gets in the way of holding the control he says). He parties at Zouk, Thumper, MOS when I'm away on biz trips. Even bring his buddies along; he the eager supplier of the "goods".

Categories of SQ stewardess:
1) Materialistic and shallow types
I confronted the list of gals that he was involved with. And I made sure that they all knew that he was playing all at the same time. And i made sure they knew each other (power of mass sms).

Their reactions were revealing of their characters. Some turned hysterical demanding that he makes a decision between them and his marriage. Some simply insisted that they be reimbursed for the mountain of overseas charges they incurred whispering sweet nothings over the phone. Hilarious!

Then there are the devils. Those, knowing he is married, blatantly flirt and gift-wrap themselves.

They are so bold as to "request" favors to buy duty free items from cosmetics to perfumes. Even though staff discounts apply to all in SQ at Changi Airport.

2) "Victimized" lot
This lot includes but not limiited to:
The bright-eye bushy-tailed newbies. The Chief Flight Stewardess, Leading Stewardess hitting their shelf life in the dating market. Those with hopeless boyfriends on the side who can't maintain their lifestyles.

Prime targets for tech crew. Tech crew being prime catch for these stewardess.

When you think about it, who wants to work as an airline stewardess. It's tough, gruelling job. Stale and dry cabin air, tonnes of make up, bad skin, serving demanding passengers, shuffling around like a geisha in kebaya. Seriously, the SQ kebaya is a job hazard! Constantly monitored for weight and looks, it's no wonder that SIA has high turnover among cabin crew. But they go into the line fully aware of the demands of the job and image of the company. When an airline markets its stewardess and of course not forgetting it's excellent service ..underlying mantra ...Sex sells.

Those who enter with O-levels are especially vulnerable. Without much qualifications, they are stuck in the job. It's a respectable job with good perks but disillusionment easily sets in. It is no surprise that they look for exit doors, and they may come in the form of execs in business class (or even economy class), second officers, first officers or even Captains.

So there you have it. A display of Marslow Hierachy of Needs. Typical women using all their resources to satisfy their needs to ensure that they remain in the gene pool.

It is convenient to generalize SQ stewardess as sluts, flirts, sex maniacs, drug fiends. (Some of terms that turned up by googling SIA stewardess).

Essentially, such 'relationships' boil down to a transaction. They have the goods to sell, and men (tech crew, male cabin crew or men in general) are the ready buyers.

Those searching for a life partner rightly or wrongly, driven by desperation from pressures of the job; cling on the best catch possible.

In my husband's case, he is the biggest slut, not the SQ stewardess.


X-Crew said...

This Lady Knows What She Is Talking About !Fair Dinkum Mates !

Anonymous said...

poor gal,go and marry pilots lah

Anonymous said...

Sill married? For $$$

Anonymous said...

sure marry for $$$$.

Ex pilot said...

Ha! ha!... Pilots are the cheapskates
.. same trousers, same shirts.. whole life ask for newspapers like some big time business owner.. ( seems like they also cheapskates to pay for internet in hotels)

Whole life eat on board ( EOB) refuse to eat before flight duty.. so board the plane and ask ( nicely ) to eat first b4 pax..

Save money for monica, jane and yvonne.. top gun but still cheap.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya girl! You stay in there, cos you get to spend the money, not because you have no money, but just because you have that right to, and shouldn't let others take that right from you! And let that guy slut know that just because he has how ever many bars on his two shoulders, doesn't make him anymore marketable than you are!

Anonymous said...
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Learner said...

u know what, after reading these posts, i came to a conclusion that we should avoid marry flight attendants regardless of the affiliated airlines.

Anonymous said...

Bravo..u r one smart of a lady to say that your ex is the biggest slut or unpaid male whore!
99% cockpit crew are cheapskates...hello..those wives married to them, be warned...majority are womanizer...esp in BKK,SYD,DXB(Russian girls,Indonesia,SEL n China as it's so cheap.In Japan as it's so EXpensive they are faithfull to u.

kim said...

most tech crew are skirt chasers, boring and werid. i wonder what those girls see in them.

Anonymous said...

kim said...
most tech crew are skirt chasers, boring and werid. i wonder what those girls see in them.

They see lots of $$ and free first class travel.

Anonymous said...

Such complex relationships are not uncommon in the industry unfortunately. many other stories like CC Sheryl having affair behind his man with captain R who is having fun with many other CCs as well. glad i have left the industry. These CCs are so silly.

Anonymous said...

I believe if a guy wants to cheat on you, he will cheat on u. Be it a tech crew, cabin crew or non crew. It really depends on the individual character and upbringing.. :) one Thing I know is that a leopard will nv change it's spots

Adele said...

was just thinking about my brother's ex, whose now a cc, but is dating a SO , your story made me realise my brother didn't have anything to lose, it's the girls's folly to lose my brother for a SO who just became a pilot. WHo dumped his GF of six years and went chasing after this CC who just started flying a year before he did, and she is certainly a materialistic and totally kiss ass sort, plus her fangs for expensive goods are not out yet.

Well if "love" really has power to hold the temptation in their career.... hmmm... may they be blessed with a damn strong heart to stay focus.

Your blog gives me comfort that my brother is no longer with this CC.

And I appauld your strength to hold this in... I know its for your kids that you tolerated his nonsense. But I am unsure for how long will this break you. So Kudos to you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, boring story. Thought you would have at least had ONE thressome out of it.

Anonymous said...

The way u put it,U sound like a slut yourself.

Anonymous said...


me said...

You know what the saddest part is? That all the involved..children, wife, the end are the ones suffering and hurting. You are a strong woman if you are still with him. Please contact me...Am in a similar story. Would appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

When an airline markets its stewardess and of course not forgetting it's excellent service ..underlying mantra ...Sex sells.

How come the gals are so ugly?

Anonymous said...

My husband is an FO for a major airline. The cabin crew are like this the world over, a lot of the time. He wears his wedding ring but still they ask to come up to his room/ask him if he wants a BJ/asks him to have sex in the bathroom with them etc (& I've been there when they've done this, lol, idiots). He's also seen married pilots couple with men, women you name it. Just last night a bunch if them got drunk and the female cabin crew were lying stretched out on tables, beckoning to the male flight crew to "come have a try", and two of the pilots, one married and one an expectant father, started getting off with em whilst the dirty old captains were trying to get a feel in. It makes my heart feel sad. Why does it always come down to lust and sex? Guess I'm just too boring and loyal for my own good to understand.

Anonymous said...

Let me assure u tt it is a known fact that the flight attendants are not interested in trying to bed the pilots but infact it is the other way round. Many girls have been lured into false promises of love and marriage only to find out later that their so called boyfriend is married. Pilots are known for their extremely cheap behavior and abuse through their ranks. They actually believe tt they are very intelligent in all fields from financing to politics n more. But in actual they are really shallow using their ranks to intimidate and get things to go to their way and if it turns out that their decision was wrong they will never apologize . The old days of girls falling blindly for pilots are gone. Today many of the flight attendants are degree holders and some even double degree holders..Not bimbos...But having said all this there are quite a few pilots who are equally good and of excellent character...
So please do not assume that Female flight attendants are running for pilots cus let assure you that is history .
Have you seen how flight attendants are never afraid to spend on food etc....Well that is not the same with the pilots who will wait to eat on board immediately as they are always hungry and thirsty....So stop blaming any female flight attendants and male as well....