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Sunday, April 25, 2010

How my colleagues tried curry favoring the bosses

Why do people curry favor their bosses? I think most do it because of job insecurity and others do it because they want to be promoted. There are also some who would do it because they loved to be around their bosses. So you see my colleagues were no different. Below were a few of the methods they used.

One suggested putting the crew in cheap hotels during their stay overseas so that SIA would saved millions. Idea was rudely rejected by the svp as he insisted that we spent all the money
that was allotted for the crew hotels . This svp later on was later on promoted to a very senior rank in the company. My colleague was medically boarded out due to sickness.

Another one salvaged empty wine bottles on the flight and suggested using colored water to fill them up for training purpose. Idea was rejected by that same svp and my colleague was branded as a cheapskate. The svp preferred using genuine wines for training. That colleague was subsequently sacked because of misdemeanor (not wine related though).

This one used his durian ploy to make the bosses like him. He had a durian shop and would invite the bosses to have the best durains for free. A few bosses did not wanna be rude and so obliged him. However, the durain colleague was never promoted nor got an extra sa lary increment. In the end my colleague discovered that the durian ploy did not work to his advantage and never again invite the bosses.

This one would bring cooked food from home and treated them to the bosses. This ploy did not work either and finally was terminated because of bullying the junior crew.

A fairly junior supervisor who joined our rank would invite the bosses to his home for Nasi Minyat ( popular Malay rice). He would used the excuse of Hari Raya or the birthdays of his family members to invite them (at least he was more discreet). He was quite successful because he was promoted swiftly.

On the slightest excuse or opportunity BC would send hampers or presents to the bosses home. He was so skillful in balls carrying that he had tremendous job security. Besides, all his bosses loved him. But once these bosses leave the company or had the misfortune of being demoted, BC would not be treating them with much respect nor lick their balls or pussies as he used to. He is considered the most insincere being that ever lived.

Believe you me there was another one who would wash the bosses cars and send/pick them from the airport whenever they travelled.

There are more stories of these ball carriers but I think the above should sufficed at least for now.

You may ask "what about you boh tong"? My answer is this: I would love to carry Harry's balls but was never presented the opportunity.

BTW Harry is MM Lee lah....hahaha


Anonymous said...

BT...I guess this is how the BC culture started in CC. The junior learnt from their seniors. And when the seniors started carrying, they inturn expected their juniors to carry them. Its happening till today & will always be a part of CC life.

BT said...

Anonymous said...
BT...I guess this is how the BC culture started in CC....
BT: true but one dun have to BC the seniors if one is competent in his work like me hahaha

Anonymous said...

You can work hard but the bosses will not know about it. The trick is to work smart, i.e. work only when the bosses are around and make sure they know about it. Most bosses like to be "boot-licked."
However, whether they will recognise your efforts or not is another thing. Work smart, no need to work hard, but remember, always
"angkat" if you want your promotion to be "chepat."

Anonymous said...

101% Correct ! If U no believe Go ask the Frog Eye chap n SEE ! :)

Anonymous said...

Ai See ah...u gonna b thrown into jail for joking about Harry's balls like that!!

boh tong said...

Ai See ah...u gonna b thrown into jail for joking about Harry's balls like that!!

BT: see swat la at least Harry by then knows who am I,a harmless chap who would carry only balls of ppl who got liao...hahaha