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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Carried to her room by a ghost?

Stewardess Alice didn't like the setting of her hotel room in HK. It was dim and the wall paper was dark and gloomy. Alice felt eerie that evening when she checked into her room. She picked up the phone and called her colleague
Helen asking whether she could bunk in with her.
"It's fine with me,don't be afraid because I think my room is ok" Helen told Alice over the phone. Alice without even unpacking her bag hurriedly left for Helen's room.
When Alice entered her room, Helen noticed her face was pale and was having cold sweat all over her body. Now Helen began to feel scared.
The 2 girls shared room that night. However something strange and unexplainable happened that night.
At about 3 am Helen got up to go to the toilet but found the bed in which Alice was sleeping empty. "Where has Alice gone to at this time of the night?" Helen asked herself. The next moment,the phone rang and Alice was on the other end of the phone. She sounded frightened and all Helen heard was "I am scared,I am so scared...."
Helen left and went to Alice's room. They were both trembling with fear and decided to call their leading stewardess, Mag.
On hearing their plight,Mag went over to Alice's room. She asked for the key to Helen's room.Mag proceeded to Helen's room and on opening the door,saw an old lady with long black hair sleeping on Alice's bed.
Mag was one of the few crew who were known to have an unusual sensitivity
to supernatural phenomena (like ghosts).
Mag communicated with that old lady and pleaded with her to leave the room.
After much persuasion,the lady left.
Mag returned to Alice's room and invited them to bunk in with her. She assured them that everything was taken care off.

Later in the day,Mag explained to the 2 girls that Alice was "physically carried" from Helen's room to her own room by that old lady who was a ghost. She told Mag that was her bed which she had been sleeping for the last few years and Alice had no business sleeping there.

It was rumoured that a lady guest had committed suicide by hanging herself in the same room Helen was staying just 2 years ago.

PS: the other theory was that Alice sleepwalked to her own room. The door to Helen's room was not locked after Alice left. Alice had her door key on the bedside next to the bed she was sleeping in.


Anonymous said...

wa so scary man! does this type of things happen often?

Anonymous said...

BT you are a darn good story teller lol

Anonymous said...

BT, wah so scary, got goosebumps all over. Lidat tonite i scared till cannot sleep liao.

boh tong said...

Dun be scared kind to all and the ghost won't disturb u mah

Ho Sim said...

If do good no ghost will haunt you.