Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Could this incidence changed him?

Harry was a male crew around my time. He was flamboyant, friendly and easy going.
One day on a flight to a far off city he and his crew had a full load of passengers. They had to worked extremely hard and was on their feet throughout the flight.
Then came meal time, Harry had to open around 20 bottles of wine to satisfy his wine drinking passengers. To expedite the whole process of wine opening,Harry would tuck each bottle at a time in between his thighs,insert the corkscrew into the wine bottle cork and pluck it out with one quick pull. Harry had been doing this for the last 2 years while flying as a steward without any accident.
However on this flight,luck was not on his side. On pulling one of the corks out,a bottle broke in between his thighs,cutting his thighs so badly that he fainted. It was a deep cut and very close to his manhood (balls la stupid) and Harry lost a lot of blood.
The flight was diverted to another airport and Harry was hospitalised.
After that incident, Harry was a changed man. He was no longer his usual self. He became a "kiasee"and "kiasoo" person (fear of losing and fear of death). Why you may ask? Answer is he almost or perhaps lost one of his balls...hahaha.


Anonymous said...

he got no balls to begin with haha

Anonymous said...

Jinx One!

Anonymous said...

ya lor Harry is a Jinx!