Thursday, May 27, 2010


To be a model or a calender girl for SIA, a stewardess has got to possess beauty,charm and a good work record.
Singapore Airlines does not engaged professional models to do it's commercial.So all those girls you see on TV,YouTube,magazines,newspapers etc in SIA commercials were flight stewardesses.
I could think of 2 main reasons why SIA uses its stewardesses in its commercial.
First,SIA is proud of its girls and second,its for economic reason.
Flight stewardess Anne,a Malaysian was one girl that fit the bill. She was young,pretty,bubbly and charming. Her work record was excellent.

On many occasions she outbid the other girls and acted in TV commercials for SIA. Anne had a way with her seniors who were mostly male. She flirted with them and won favours from them. With her kind of beauty and charm,there was always a beeline of guys from captain down to the most junior steward waiting to take her to bed. But,mind you,it wasn't as easy as you think for Anne was a clever and cheeky girl who liked to tease the guys with kisses and hugs and the kind of 'CFM' stares but rarely let you bed her. She was a 'cock teaser' to put it crudely.

After getting tired of teasing the male crew,she fell in love with one of her batch boys,Aaron and decided to get engaged to each other.

Aaron was an innocent young steward.His objective in life was to be a rich man and he worked very hard and saved almost every cent he earned. He wanted to provide his future wife and children the best he could ever afford. He wanted to be a successful businessman.

Anne admired Aaron's qualities and principles in life. She also like his innocence and good looks.

As their marriage date was approaching,after a flight,Aaron found a note on their bed from Anne telling him that she had eloped with another man. She had packed and ran away with Wilfred,a passenger of the airlines.

Wilfred was a conned man,one with looks and gift of the gab. He didn't have a job and he made his living by lying and cheating people and organisations. In a way,he had also conned Anne and won her over.
Naturally,Aaron was brokrenhearted. He didn't realised Anne was having an affair with Wilfred and the news shocked him. Aaron attempted suicide on a number of occasions.
Meanwhile, Wilfred had swindled a foreign bank in Singapore to the tune of US$10 million( we could not verified the actual figure) and fled with Anne to Taiwan at first and later ended up in the USA.
Anne and Wil now had the means to spend real big. After leaving Taiwan,they headed for Las vegas. Wil gambled like mad and against all odds, made a fortune on the Black Jack table.
How Wil won money on the tables was anyone guest. Did he cheat the casinos? We don't really have the answers. He could have cos he was a cheat too.
After being tired of Vegas,the couple moved to San Fanscisco and started a business there. The business lost money and the Mafia,with whom Wil had done business with was all out to get their money back. There was a time when the Mafia people went to Wilfred's office and sprayed bullets to scare him off.
Finally,the money matters with the Mafia was settled and the couple left for Brazil to seek refuge from the law here,in Singapore.


Adeline said...

Hello Bt, if i'm not wrong, this story was mentioned earlier already right?

boh tong said...

Rite Adeline I merely wanna test my readers to see how alert they are...u are really sharp la :)

Anonymous said...

Hi BT, hw many years do you need to take to be qualified as a SIA calendar girl candidate? is there any interview/ rounds to make the selections?

Btw, how long does 1 have to work b4 she can be trained for A380?

Thanks for answering!

boh tong said...

U need beauty and a good work record to be a calender gal la.
I dun know about the A380 cos it wasn't there when I was with SIA.

Adeline said...

Hahaha no, it's just that the stories are all one kind. unforgettable. Haha!

Anonymous said...

BT, your story-telling is quite good. 30% facts, the rest you tambah only. But it makes for most
interesting reading. But your English grammar needs improving.

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
BT, your story-telling is quite good. 30% facts, the rest you tambah only. But it makes for most
interesting reading. But your English grammar needs improving.

BT: 80% facts la 20% i tambah or tembak lor. My england must be simple & not so powderful so ppl like u the ah bengs and ah lians would understand ma.
Hello pls la i got A2 for my england ok!