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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A tale of the coins

Bok loved doing flights to Japan. He had his fair share of at least 1 rostered flight a month to Japan. But Bok would swapped flights with his colleagues so he could fly to Japan more often.
On his flight to Japan, Bok would carry lots of cheap valued copper coins from countries like Thailand,India etc. The value of these coins ranged from 5 cts to 10 cts.
Whilst night stopping in Japan,Bok noticed that the drink vending machines accepted 500 Japanese Yen coin. The vending machines would dispensed can drinks of the likes of coffee,cola,fruits etc at the cost of 100 Yen per can. If one were to insert a 500 yen coin,the machine would dispense a change of 400 Yen. That would give Bok a gain of S$6 with an insertion of 1 500Y coin. The rate of exchange is S15 to 1000 Yen or $1.50 to 100 Yen. On top of that,Bok could keep the can of drinks.
On a single flight Bok would normally bring around 100 of the low valued foreign coins. He would during his stay in Japan visit many vending machines and exchanged them for the high valued Japanese Yen. A quick calculation would give Bok a profit of $600 each time he visited Japan. On top of the profits, he also brought back the 100 or so cans/packets of drinks home. Btw Bok and his family owned a small provision shop in Toa Payoh and the drinks he brought from Japan also helped to boost the family owned shop's bottom line.
The Japanese owners of the vending machines were shocked to find themselves being cheated. They got together and discussed ways to catch the cheat or cheats. In those days it was too expensive to install hidden cameras and so the owners took turns to watch their machines. It turned out that their vigilance paid off when Bok visited one of their machines. They apprehended Bok and handed him to the police. Bok was charged with theft and sent to jail.


Anonymous said...

what a cheat!

Anonymous said...

This guy has not only brought shame to SIA but Singapore too.

S/no: 0006783w said...

what do you guys know?
Many resorted to saving money because SQ allowances for japan was too low.. prices of noodles was and still are expensive ( $16 or more )
Some would bring Gardenia bread and kaya.. since we landed into japan at very odd hours.. too tired,hotel too far from any cheap eats.. and the earth was much colder than.. winters can be freezing with winds blowing.

Granted, such acts is wrong.
There was no stealing from the bar or thievery from fellow crew.

We even resorted to retrieving uneaten soba from economy class trays and sometimes the desserts.
Why? the portions of food was supplied exactly to match the number of passengers.. yeah, sure the company gave us hot main courses.. but these were inevitably used to placate passengers who preferred a certain choice of main course.
Crew would end up eating main course dishes that was highly unpopular with the passengers.

between seafood spaghetti and chicken breast with seasonal veggies, which one do you think will be preferred?

Crew will end up eating things that others dont want.. mind you, its not leftovers.

So, to cut costs ourselves, we sometimes resort to unsavoury acts to meet our goals... a philosophy which is inline with management, and the impotent union, which is a lackey.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with "S/no: 0006783w" because the co is so very cost conscious that it neglect cabin crew's welfare.But they dare not mess around with the technical crew.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the reason, its a poor excuse for cheating. We get allowances and yet we cheat? So the poor who have no money or allowances can rob and steal? If it was ok to do so, how come all CC don't resort to this? Sad to say it boils down to a matter of values...

Honest Pax said...

Anonymous said...
Whatever the reason, its a poor excuse for cheating.........Me don't believe in cheating whatever the circumstances are. Well cc get paid an average of 3.5 to 10k a month depending on the rank and yet you guys still complained.

Ex flight engineer said...

There are thieves and cheats plus con men and women in CC no matter how much they are earning. At least I can say with certainty that less pilots fall into that category.

Ahlien tan said...

Just because people who steal ( including the rich & wealthy ) are not caught does'nt mean there are none.
Lots of stories from pilots about pilots.. remember TK Soon?..
remember some senior CC who are now sitting in an office looking smug?

Ahh!.. you all dont know the dirt..
plenty of it around.. don't be fooled by the lovely shiny new planes, and sweet smiles from the sarongs.. all first class crooks.. they are smart not to be caught.

Me?.. still kapor small things.. but I will not take from fellow workers.. tech or cabin..

Anonymous said...

Ahlien tan u are a klepto la still stealing small items to satisfy ur lust when ur husband is a capt drawing big bucks...haha

Anonymous said...

Halooo Ex Engineer...during your time have u forgotten CheapSkate Captain Airlarda?And a few don't be so smug!