Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The vindictive boss.

CS (chief steward)Lim had stepped on his svp's toes on many occasions. It was not that he was a bad worker but on the contrary he was a good cs,always on the company's side. He was a disciplinarian who would not hesitate to report or correct his juniors when they did the wrong thing. If you ask me Lim was an asset to the company not like many others who were lazy and political.
One day, Lim's svp asked him to withdraw a report he made on a stewardess who was found wanting. This stewardess was the svp's "pet". Lim refused to withdraw the report on the grounds that particular stewardess was ill-disciplined and a skiver. The svp was mad with Lim but Lim did not care two hoots.
After that incident, Lim's svp was on the lookout to get even with him. His svp was known to be a cocky and tough boss especially to the male crew and staff.
Much investigation was done behind Lim's back to see whether he had trespassed the company's rules and regulation.
It didn't take long for the svp to find out that Lim was living with his girl friend (not a crew)although he was a married man. But there was nothing wrong with living with one's lover and so Lim's svp couldn't do anything to him. Besides, Lim's work record was impeccable.
One fine day,Lim's svp got a big break. Lim's lover called him and told him of the bottles of liquor Lim had brought back from his flights. The svp seized the opportunity and summoned a few security officers to the lover's home. There, they took the bottles of liquor back to the security office and a statement from Lim's lover that the liquor were removed from her house.
All these whiles, Lim was away on flight. When he arrived in Singapore, the security personnel was waiting for him. They searched him but did not find any unauthorised company's items on him.
Nevertheless, Lim was charged with the "unauthorised removal of company's properties" and was fired despite of his plea of innocence.
The reason we found out why Lim's lover conspired with his svp to screw him up was because he wanted to leave her and go back to his wife.

The 2nd case was one concerning my colleague. He dated a few stewardesses. He incurred the wrath of that particular svp when a stewardess whom he dated was the svp's favorite.
His svp was so furious that he launched an investigation into all his activities. It was discovered that my colleague had on one instance over claimed his allowance. The svp seized the opportunity and charged him with the intention to cheat the company.
Somehow, the union was able to prove that my colleague was innocent and had make a genuine mistake. It ended with my colleague getting a letter of warning instead of being sacked(which the svp wanted) for making that mistake.


Louis,ex C/S said...

Kick that chee hong svp!

Ah Gu said...

Kong Lai Kong Ki, so

SS U R d Best la ?

Bo Bay Chow !!!

Song said...

Christopher Lee knn!

Anonymous said...

When you are the boss of so many pretty SYTs how can you resist? All of them at one time or another did harbour thoughts of screwing those SYTs. They just wait for some CC pimps to arrange for them. That's all.