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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Are Singaporeans really all ungracious and rude?

Few days back when i came across the post by Angela Lim about Singaporeans slammed for being rude in Australian newspaper, i was still carrying a open heart as i still believe that there are a lot of Singaporeans out there who are are gracious and kind unlike the way how the Australian newspaper labeled us as.

But i was totally disappointed and dis-heartened today when this incident lead me and my husband to think back why we Singaporeans are slammed for being rude by foreigners and do we deserved it? We were at IMM today at 1.45pm, waiting for a couple to give up their car-pack lot at the level 2 IMM multi storied car park to us on the side of the road with our hazard light on when another vehicle from the back drove to the front of our car on the other side.

We sounded our car horn to let him know that we are and have been waiting for the lot before him. But his reaction to us was he simply can't be bothered. And just as the couple's vehicle who we have been waiting for their lot drove off, this particular vehicle quickly park his vehicle into the emptied lot.

When my husband winded the window and tried to reason with him that we have been waiting there for the lot before him and he should not have parked his vehicle in. Instead of showing us courtesy etc, the uncle simply replied my husband - "No the lot is mine, you are waiting for other lot....".

After replying to my husband, the uncle and two other aunties that he was with smile and walk off as if he had done nothing wrong and nothing had happen. This incident totally ruin both me and my husband mood for the day as we have just witness the unglamorous, ungracious, rude, ignorant attitude and uncultured behavior the side of ugly Singaporeans.

No wonder we are being slammed by foreigners and this is because Singaporeans cannot even show fellow Singaporeans simple kindness and graciousness. If we Singaporeans do not want to labeled or slammed for being ungracious, rude etc, do you think we Singaporeans should start showing kindness etc to other fellow Singaporeans?

Facing such harsh criticism and if you have witness such acts personally, do you agree that the level of courtesy and graciousness in Singapore society leaves really much to be desired? And should the government raise up the awareness and promote more effective campaigns in educating and inculcating kindness & consideration in local citizens?


Anonymous said...

ohhh yes! i just couldnt agree more that sgreans are realli a bunch rude and arrogant pppl..its proven many a times and sad to say .............time and again..

Anonymous said...

Me too I couldn't agree more that Singaporeans are not only rude but selfish too. Look at the things they throw down from their flats and the burning of stuff that choke the whole neighborhood. I am a S'porean and I am ashamed to be one in this instance.

Stylison said...

its only a handful who are ungracious and they taint the image of Singapore.