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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Confession of a stewardess

Last night I spoke to a second officer. 

He told me how bloody lonely he was in this job and how much he misses his fiance back in Singapore. I asked him why doesn't he get married then? He replied that he thinks it wouldn't be fair to marry her only to subject her to his constant absence.

The captain on that flight is a really good looking man.. Tall, tanned, very toned. Speaks very charismatically. In fact, the only so-cute-can-make-me-blush tech crew I have seen since I started flying. The second officer told me that this captain is married with two kids, but he has a steady mistress... sigh, and to think all the fss on this flight are swooning over him. Eager to become the next mistress?

I feel quite sorry for this S/O. He seems really sincere towards his fiance. But then, I wonder how she would feel if she knew he bought me a steak dinner and shared a bottle of wine with me. We drank until we were quite tipsy. And I started to find out just how lonely he was.

Sometimes, people convince themselves that they love someone, something... only to discover later that their own actions show otherwise...

By the way, I'm no longer a junior crew.
Painting my nails are no longer an event.
Now, I paint them burgundy, sometimes maroon.

Nobody cares because I'm so good at my work.

Today though, I am feeling so restless.

The winter outside doesn't help, and the location I am in just makes me want to forget everything that I have promised to myself and indulge in the comfort of another warm body

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