Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Exploited the young stewardesses

Len was a friendly and tactful sort who would would do anything to help his junior colleagues. Colleagues? yes but help and nice to the stewardesses only.
Loved by the ladies and loathed by the male crew,Len did not care two hoots about the guys.
Len held a senior position in the cabin crew department. He was able to "close one eye" to any misgiving on the part of the female crew,even to the extent of them playing truant but would not condone the same "crime" if committed by a male crew.
He often punished the male crew severely but with let the girls got away with "blue murder".
Why was Len behaving like the way he did? Simple was the answer. He would get lots of free f**** for letting the girls got away for their "crimes". Len moreover wasn't that bad looking. He was tall by Asian standards, almost 6 ft. in height. He had a charming smile but it was put on for the ladies only.
One day, he had the chance to sleep with a stewardess who had a complaint from her ex-husband about her not declaring she was married when she first joined the airline ( it would amount to lying and warranted a dismissal if found out). She was exonerated of her "crime" because she gave herself to Len.
This time, it wasn't so lucky for Len because he found out later on he had AIDS from that stewardess. Years later,Len died from that dreaded disease.

You will notice that I have crossed out the last para because I was corrected by someone who knew Len. The fact is Len did not have AIDS let alone die of it. I was given the wrong info in the beginning (sorry for that). Perhaps the earlier info came from someone who didn't like Len.
In fact, I was told Len got away with everything he had done (the abuse of power)and has retired happily. How can hor...no karma ah?


Anonymous said...

hello..i have been following ur blog for quite sometime now.. and im actually interested to join the cabin crew once i finish my diploma on dec 2011.. but im only 156 or 157.. can i make it with that height? and 46 kg or maybe 47 now..

boh tong said...

Lea I am sorry you are too short cos SIA only employs gals 158cm and taller.

Anonymous said...

HI there,

will silkair accept candidates with height around 1.56?? or they are as strict as SIA?

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong, karma is only for the unlucky. i would love to be Len No. 2!