Sunday, June 27, 2010

Is this a fact ??

Crew before has left a new comment on your post "This comment is unfair and unnecessary": 

In 2016, about 5 years time.. many senior CCE will retire.. these were the remnants of yester years.
There are not many of them.. about 5 I think.

They are not likely to rock any boat and will simply live out their final years with the motto: "just do lah"

The newer CCEs have fire in the belly.. but this fire is truly for makan... not for service or for forstering a work ethic and climate that encourages teamwork and selflessness.

Dear crew members of the current generation:

A) Prepare a career outside of SQ
B) Prepare to leave B4 being pushed
C) Enjoy the nite stops - alone
D) Do not offload
E) Do not foul mouth anyone
F) Aquire new & certifiable skills
G) Forget about "loyalty" in SQ

Export your passion to another employer who WILL appreciate your work & passion with REAL $$ and acknowledge your contributions.

SQ will not support you.. at the slightest possibility of damage to their good name, they WILL KICK your butt! This includes bottles of mineral H20.. 

You are simply a prey to be chased, hunted and slaughtered and thrown away.. not even trophied!

Compare the increase in number of CI or DI since the union took over.
Compare it with the previous union and VP.. these are stats that can be used to measure the climate within the company.

Does it help morale when all your seniors are being treated with an iron fist? Does it help when unions appear ineffective in securing a balanced punishment?
Does it help you to be more passionate and considerate with your customers and colleagues when management is not considerate with your seniors or as passionate about serving you with a nuturing attitude?

If you stay long enough, you too will be a senior... then.. the CCE that taught and tutored you will now tell you and sack you.

Beware. For mature audiences only
Parental guidance advised.

Now: back to FIFA & World Cup!! 


Anonymous said...

Not only now but long ago the cces were like that already "just do la"
Gaji buta so co kicked the out.

Anonymous said...

The posting is very demoralising!

Than Bee Tick said...

Posting is only the truth..

1)Team numbers are for admin purpose
2)There is "team" only on surface
3)You do wrong, you die
4)You do right, you dont know

Why you think union only interested in securing gratuity? so dat you will leave.. they are helping co to increase refresh rates.. that means more leave and fresh ones will be recruited.. to keep all in check.. there is no room for long term employement beyond 5 years.. after 5 years you are considered "dirty" and only the smartest, and demonic ones will survive.. and these people think they are "ok".. ha! ha!... just wait and see.. who is more demonic!!

If there are no more seniors.. then no more story telling and the younger ones will not know history of how the management, union screw all of you up!!.. get it now?

At the same time.. they get to save $$$$$ and their reward ( managers) is a % cut of the savings!.. we will never be able to find out the % because it is confidential!.. sama with JFSS salaries.. and their bonuses.

Open your eyes!!.. open your ears!
but close your legs and shut your mouths... ( along with your cabin bags.. keep it closed from having SQ items.. 'accidently' dropping in)

Then..... L E A V E !!!

Jealous not selected said...

Management has proven to be very unyielding in applying punishments
for disciplinary issues.

Such attitudes breed similar acts from frontline crew who will also be unyielding and apply the rules on board too.. no exceptions.

Pax:"do you have any more carviar?"

Crew: " No.. if you liked our carviar, please let the company know. ( follow the rules )

Pax: " but I have provided numerous feedback already.. could you make an exception and use the portions for the return sector?"

Crew: " .. I am sorry.. I cannot do that. I hope you enjoyed the red bordeaux.. would you care to have another?" ( follow the rules..and change subject.. exactly the style of management )

Pax is LPPS.

Cabin crew has more than 15 years flying.. just follow law.

" I damn afraid to excerise discretion.. afterwards kenna call up to explain.. why bother?.. just follow the rules and no need to write so much VR.."
" If LPPS complain, I just show office the circular lor!"

So, you see.. management & unions just follow employment act and follow the law to give you chance to cry and tell your story during CI or DI.. the end result is sama sama... no caviar for you leh

Ha! ha!.. good luck to all the wannabies.. and the oldies and the smarties..
SQ is Fortune 500 company..
their fortune and sack the 500

Anonymous said...

Boh Tong : For once you no talk-cock ! Take Argentina now to win WC !

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
Boh Tong : For once you no talk-cock ! Take Argentina now to win WC !

BT: eh how come we think alike huh?

Anonymous said...

it really amaze me that there are idiots out there who still speak of passion & loyalty to any company.grow up!!in this era & age, these are gone.its now about dollar & upgrade yourself, gain expertise and trade it to any company who need your no company will be loyal to employee and no employee will be loyal to company.those who love their company very much,show it by not taking your pay a single cent for a year.those company who love the employee much, pay them double for one year.can this happen?Use your brain, your blain!!

Anonymous said...

30yrs in the company,I love this company but will not die for them.If you have the mindset like mine then life will be good.Stop talking about loyalty and lives in the past,grow up.Enjoy the money and off days,don t worry about the rest,let the union do the dirty job.

Love has come to town said...

"30 yrs"

You are a marked target.
You cost too much
You know too much
You work not enough

One wrong step
One wrong word
One mistake
One accidental brush on the arm

Its like ABC
Soon you will meet Seth C

Follow the book
Follow the book
But be carefull
That is where lies the hook

The Union?
No, they are not crooks!
They too now follow the book
follow the book
Therefore your interest they
will not look

Its truly a shame
Alan Tan has a good name
Trained by Eddie Chew
He is indeed shrewd
yet all he does is to
agree and all boxes he ticks
becos Tan Pee teck has
a bigger stick.

Good luck "30yrs".. I too, did 30 yrs and got trapped..
with no evidence except that I snapped
At a FSS who hid behind a cloak
which, uncovered, revealed the toad
Injustice! I claimed.. 30yrs of loyalty!
but, alas,
I kneel before Seth C

And what did Alan do for me?
Organised a circus for all his kakis
To see how 30yrs washed away
and tears will not sway

Panelist in the CI are not saints
It is intructions from higher up that they take.
I curse them not
They just do their job
But in their deliberations they overlooked..

They did not follow the book

Instead they took orders from SVP
which stand for senior vaginal protector

Anonymous said...

30 yrs of marriage. Thick & thin. I will only be loyal to my Mum & Dad & will give my life to save them. So those who harbour loyalty please wake up. After 30 yrs, if you are head hunted and given double your pay with more perks, will you stay in SQ because of loyalty? Please dont talk cock lah. There is no loyalty between employee & employer. Its all about money. Dont try to talk rubbish about loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Talk about money not loyalty

Anonymous said...

Some are slaves in cabin crew...carry BALLS n yet didn't get extended to 60 yrs old.Enjoy r off days. why give cheap labour by joining so many activities like teaching during your off days or even applying for IA?To score points?But on board so lazy n switch off.
When in uniform, work hard to your best ability instead of switching off as some juniors are spies for TPT

Justice said...

Despicable!!! using crew to spy on crew!