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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Malaysian gals better than S'pore gals meh?

Malaysian gals better than S'pore gals as stewardesses meh? I was talking about SQ conducting more cabin crew walk-in interviews in Malaysia than in Singapore (see my earlier posting http://www.bohtong.org/2010/06/whats-big-deal-with-malaysian-cabin.html ) Some of the comments I received were that Malaysians make better stewardesses than Singaporeans. That's the reason they claimed SQ is taking more from our northern neighbors.
My foot la! Malaysian gals are no better than S'porean gals. In fact both are equally bad (ooops sori ah). I suggest SIA go to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand to recruit stewardesses. These gals are hungrier and much more appreciative of the 3.5k a month SQ is offering to its stewardesses.
Years ago when we suggested to our cc svp to recruit Indonesians, Indians,Koreans etc as stewardesses, we were scoffed at. We were told SQ did not wanna be like CX whose cc are from all over Asia. Look now we have gals from those countries plus from China and Taiwan as stewardesses.
Frankly some of the svps were rather ignorant about service. They were sekolah tinggi (graduates la,baka) people who were good at currying favor their bosses ( I didn't say it's you ah TPT) than coming out with ideas to help the company in improving the inflight service. Aiya they relied more on the cabin crew executives like us to give them feedbacks more than anybody else.
Let's see whether my suggestion (above) will be adopted or not in the next couple of years...wanna bet?

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