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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Robberies in South Africa.

The above video confirms what most people believe that South Africa is a dangerous place to visit or live in. Robbery is a way of life and it's hard to avoid being robbed even if you are not rich.
I know of an ex steward who emigrated there with his family. He and his family was robbed at their home at gun point.Their ferocious dogs were poisoned and electric fences disabled. They almost kidnapped their only son. He was bashed up for at first refusing to show them his safe. They almost shot him.
There was also a case of a Singaporean who emigrated to Cape Town. His wife and mother was raped and almost all his belongings were carted away.
When I was there on a working trip 18 years ago, I heard gun shots every night from my hotel room. Whenever my crew and I wanted to go out of the hotel,we were escorted by big black hotel security guards armed with automatic weapons. Even then a few of the crew were robbed.
There was a guy who was not only robbed off his wallet but his entire clothing that were on him. He was left with his underwear.
Now with the world cup just under 5 days away, an Australian man became the first victim of South African robbery. Another victim was a Chilean tourist robbed at gunpoint by 4 armed men.
Your guess is as good as mine as to how many others will be robbed and killed during the world cup.
Don't give me a free ticket to the world cup because I will never want to visit that notorious country.
Why in the world would they allow SA to host the biggest event on earth?


Anonymous said...

Understand JCH Low & family who migrated to SA came back to Singapore after the episode. Can you confirm that BT?

Anonymous said...

Ex cs JCH or James Low is back in SIN.

Anonymous said...

SA is a cheap plc that's why ppl want to migrate there.A big house on a big piece of land cost about S$100k but lives are also very cheap too.

George chew said...

hi reading this article made me sit up. you see, I won a pair of tickets there for a quarterfinal match through one of its global sponsors. this is probably the closest I can get to a WC match ever, but I.don't undermine the importance of my personal safety too. could anyone please clarify if the situation is as bad? thank you.

Security conscious said...

Hey George the situation is scary. If you go there make sure you move with the crowd esp if you don't look like an African. If you are being robbed give them whatever you have bcoz they will kill you if you resist or lie to them. Those robbers are merciless and probably had killed before.

Anonymous said...

George u may go but be careful,maybe u carry a gun too (it is easy and cheap to get one over there)

Anonymous said...

The crime rate in S Africa is very high - a murder is committed every few minutes and every minute a woman is being raped. Even locals have their vehicles car-jacked when they stop at the traffic light. I suppose the police will be out in force during the world cup. So will thieves and muggers. One SQ manager, attached to Johannesburg had to unlock 3 metal gates before entering his bedroom. By all means, enjoy yourself at the world cup, George. But move in a group and avoid going out at night. Don't save money by staying in a cheap motel.

George said...

thanks for all your input... my accommodation is taken care of for this trip. its a international hotel chain.. so that will probably provide some heightened security I guess.. people around me has been asking me to put off this trip.. just today in the ST, they have an.article published very similar to this post too. well, I guess ill see how things develops.. even so, I'm now not sure if its worth all the trouble.. isn't such a trip supposed to be relaxing? haha! anyway, thanks again!

Ex Tech Crew said...

SA is scary!

Beautiful South Africa! said...

South Africa is a beautiful country and not ALL places are unsafe.

I spent 16 days driving around from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, almost 3000km with my wife and 2 teenage boys. This was way back in 2004.

The suburbs and outlying towns are perfectly safe. Its common sense that one should not go to places known to be notorious. Would you, as a foreigner visit Geylang at night, just because you want to "see" the night life?

Amesterdam's red light district is different because there it is actually promoted by the tourisism
dept there.

Here are some suggested no-go areas' regardless of their fame.

Downtown Capetown after 9pm, including Victoria Waterfront.

Downtown Johannesburg after 9pm
( anywhere! )

If you are driving, do not stop at a traffic junction using the inner most lane: thats where they can smash windows and grab sun glasses
or items of value.

Why is all this happening?
Drugs and unemployment.

Leave the cities and venture out into the wide expense of the beautiful Klein Karoo, raw natural beauty of the sea shores.. stay in self catering homes and save money and cook at the same time. Away from city lights, watch the wonderfull display of stars from pitch darkness of a converted barn house.. and yet catch the football games!!

I was stopped only once while driving.. along a back road. It was a speed trap by the local police.. who were very forgiving and let me off after I "donated" to their police "fund"..

My next adventure would be to visit Nambibia and enjoy the dessert flowers and surf the dunes!
( this time without the kids! )

I am an ex cabin crew - IFS

no tks south africa! said...

Beautiful South Africa! said...
No thanks to u..no matter how beautiful
SA is i won't go..there are many lovely places where i can visit and not feel restricted.

Anonymous said...

During 1 of my nightstops in JNB many years back, we waited for a long time for the tour bus. But it did not come to pick us up. Finally, we called the agency - only to be told that the bus had been hijacked! Can you imagine that? Local tour bus driven by local driver being hijacked. On another trip, we went to a casino in a place called Carousel which was quite far from the hotel. We took a cab from the hotel. Cab driver suggested waiting for us. When we finished gambling it was close to 1 am. We were so surprised as we stepped out of the casino, to see the same driver still waiting in his taxi. So we brought him back inside for makan.
We did manage to arrive safely back at the hotel. Maybe, it is safer at night? Thinking back, it was so foolish of us to take that kind of risk. It was also the last time I did this sort of thing - not thinking of the consequences.