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Thursday, June 24, 2010

This comment is unfair and unnecessary

Anonymous said...

Those who are thinking of joining better think twice or thrice.. CC now are overworked and underpaid that is why all the junior crew are leaving, it's a lifestyle shit job ... the senior ones stuck liao.. most prob they will be looking to recruit more china gals like what is happening in our hawker centres and geylang.. But all look like shit compared to geyland leh..
BT: For your info the job of a cabin crew is still good and better than most in the market. The above comment must have come from a disgruntled crew or a non crew.
It's a fact the perks of the current cc is not as good as those of yesteryears. You've got to look at it this way,life is getting tougher and shareholders are expecting better dividends and more value for their shares. Now that SIA is paying only 12 cents dividend per share and the price of current value of each SIA share is $14.50 I won't even touch it let alone buy it. I rather park my $$ somewhere else where I can get better returns. So what can SIA do but to cut cost and lower overheads. This obviously result in not only cc but all the staff in SIA getting lesser perks.
The above said " it's a lifestyle shit job ". Honestly if this guy is right then may I ask why are there long snake queues whenever there cc interviews,whether it's in S'pore or Malaysia? So you see many still think the cc job and lifestyle is still better than a hotel receptionist, casino croupier/dealer,office clerk, salesgirl/salesman etc etc. Do you see such long queues when there are openings for other jobs?
The guy who wrote the above comment must be frustrated and long in the job. He or she ought be kicked hard in the ass. Talk big and talk cock...leave the job la and my bet is a thousand will apply for his/her vacancy. 
Talking about China gals....what's wrong with them huh? They are better looking than most and the China stewardesses of SIA are much prettier and classier than those in Geylang ( I think only la cos I have not gone to Geylang ma). SIA China fss are creme de la creme ok! 
Aiya I dun wanna waste too much of my precious time arguing with the guy above.....and I wanna to tell him or her to ...."Go to hell la and dun influence the cc wannabes with this type of negativity..."....hahaha....kena one from me huh?


ah tiong said...

Why care what deadwood said about cc job bcoz it is still one of d best jobs in the world?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it is unfair as SIA only select people with perfect skin

i think it is discrimination!

and it is sad that nobody complaint about it

ps: i failed during skin check and my skin is not that bad! discrimination!

Anonymous said...

Join SQ at your own risk.
Its not all that great.. the work climate is very tense and the management style is wanting..
.. just do what you are told..

CX or Emirates seems better.. just a little.

If you do join.. please leave after 3 or 5 years.. you will be considered deadwood by then..

Ex crew and now working in retail.

Just left SIA said...

sia cc management is now not as good as b4.It only think of saving cost at cc's expense. CC has to work like crazy and being treated like maids. Ya join any airlines but sia.

goondhusamy said...

The strategy from SQ management is:
Save as much as possible from all divisions. cabin crew is one division that sucks a lot of money:
Hotels: 20 million per annum
Allowances: 50 million annualy
Sick leave too costs money ( unkown $)

Money saved from cabin crew's cost centres is channled to vouchers and benefits to premium class customers in the form of vouchers, magazine subscriptions, dinner parties.. these activities directly affect and benefit the customers directly.

Allowance increases to crew are good only for the crew and the benefits may or may not transalate to better service standards to customers.. in other words, its a gamble.

So, do you think morale and staff happines is top on their minds?

Its far better they reward their customers directly and keep costs in check and at the same time, use a big stick to whack your butt when you steal bottles of wines, mineral water, cheese, pens and even sanitary napkins..press other peoples breasts.

Come on you people!.. the era of easy money and partying is over!
The slightest hiccup from you: its sayonara!

All I can say is this:


I got screwed big time after being set-up.. my one and only case.

For the guys, ( its always the guys.. have you heard of that many gals being sent for CI or DI ??)

be very and ultra careful.. leave as soon as you can... stay indoors and do not talk cock with anyone.
Go to the gym, work out to stay fit and eat healthy..

For the gals.. well,.. with what you all have between the legs.. anything goes.. nothing to lose..
just shout 'molest' and your revenge is satisfied.. Seth C will be more than happy to help you get what you want.. and at the same time... cull the deadwood..

It is a shifting goal post and the dealer ( management + union ) always wins.. you are always the loser.

Anonymous said...

wa goondhusamy u frighten me into applying to be a cc man!
No thanks to sia i wld rather join smrt as a driver...haha

Anonymous said...

Only tigers, dragons and snakes can survive in SQ cabin crew.. if you are a mouse,cow or chicken ( qualities that are very good for genuine, sincere customer service ) you will be bashed, trodden and eaten up alive.

With all these aggressive animals around, and surviving for as long ( re: some cce ) is it a wonder the inflight service is waning?

PS: some appear to be mouse, cows and even monkeys.. but...

Anonymous said...

Job market outside is improving, CC rate attrition for the junior crew is exceptionally high at the moment, MGMT is now asking us to volunteer our off days for flights..The way i see is only the malaysians, cinas, indians n indons who are interested in the CC jobs. As for the china gals in SQ, they are short and look like shit.. BT you are not there to see for yrself lah, its that bad!
Join at your risk, you will realise how badly run CC is and want to leave, only the senior crews who are stuck are the ones saying its the best job in the world, dun kid yrself lah. We are overworked and underpaid.

Crew before said...

In 2016, about 5 years time.. many senior CCE will retire.. these were the remnants of yester years.
There are not many of them.. about 5 I think.

They are not likely to rock any boat and will simply live out their final years with the motto: "just do lah"

The newer CCEs have fire in the belly.. but this fire is truly for makan... not for service or for forstering a work ethic and climate that encourages teamwork and selflessness.

Dear crew members of the current generation:

A) Prepare a career outside of SQ
B) Prepare to leave B4 being pushed
C) Enjoy the nite stops - alone
D) Do not offload
E) Do not foul mouth anyone
F) Aquire new & certifiable skills
G) Forget about "loyalty" in SQ

Export your passion to another employer who WILL appreciate your work & passion with REAL $$ and acknowledge your contributions.

SQ will not support you.. at the slightest possibility of damage to their good name, they WILL KICK your butt! This includes bottles of mineral H20..

You are simply a prey to be chased, hunted and slaughtered and thrown away.. not even trophied!

Compare the increase in number of CI or DI since the union took over.
Compare it with the previous union and VP.. these are stats that can be used to measure the climate within the company.

Does it help morale when all your seniors are being treated with an iron fist? Does it help when unions appear ineffective in securing a balanced punishment?
Does it help you to be more passionate and considerate with your customers and colleagues when management is not considerate with your seniors or as passionate about serving you with a nuturing attitude?

If you stay long enough, you too will be a senior... then.. the CCE that taught and tutored you will now tell you and sack you.

Beware. For mature audiences only
Parental guidance advised.

Now: back to FIFA & World Cup!!

Anonymous said...

The above comment is interesting. Anywhere, in any Company, if you touch other people's breast, you will be sack or if reported to police, will spend time in jail. Same also if you steal. Tell me which Company would not sack you if you touch other people's breast or steal? I would love to join the Company. So far, how many people who are sacked for molesting and stealing had taken a civil suits in court for wrongly being accused? Let us know.

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
The above comment is interesting. Anywhere, in any Company, if you touch other people's breast, you will be sack or......

BT: so far all were found guilty & that's why there is no civil suits..