Monday, June 28, 2010

Wasted talent!

Love has come to town has left a new comment on your post "Is this a fact ??": 

"30 yrs"

You are a marked target.
You cost too much
You know too much
You work not enough

One wrong step
One wrong word
One mistake
One accidental brush on the arm

Its like ABC
Soon you will meet Seth C

Follow the book
Follow the book
But be carefull
That is where lies the hook

The Union?
No, they are not crooks!
They too now follow the book
follow the book
Therefore your interest they
will not look

Its truly a shame 
Alan Tan has a good name
Trained by Eddie Chew
He is indeed shrewd
yet all he does is to
agree and all boxes he ticks
becos Tan Pee teck has
a bigger stick.

Good luck "30yrs".. I too, did 30 yrs and got trapped.. 
with no evidence except that I snapped
At a FSS who hid behind a cloak
which, uncovered, revealed the toad
Injustice! I claimed.. 30yrs of loyalty!
but, alas, 
I kneel before Seth C

And what did Alan do for me?
Organised a circus for all his kakis
To see how 30yrs washed away
and tears will not sway

Panelist in the CI are not saints
It is intructions from higher up that they take.
I curse them not
They just do their job
But in their deliberations they overlooked..

They did not follow the book

Instead they took orders from SVP
which stand for senior vaginal protector 


Anonymous said...

ha! ha! good one!

but still a loser..! hee!hee!

Anonymous said...

So sad,so much talent,so little time,so much hatred,so little love,so much money,so few friends.Go and write a book,don t waste your time here.

I pray to galley God said...

Seth was a child of Adam & Eve.
Of all their 56 children, Seth was among 3 that was actually mentioned.
( the other 2 was Cain & Abel )

Seth lived till he was 912 years old

Imagine... he has 856 more years to go... I wonder if we will still have A380 and DI then?

Its a record!

Anonymous said...

it is very sad. imagine giving 30 years and someone touch your wife or daughter?