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Sunday, June 6, 2010

What are your comments about this article?

Sydney Morning Herald writer Tamara Thiessen wrote that Singaporeans are
ungracious, uncivic conscious and rude. 
She wrote:
An IT manager from Sydney who is based in Singapore, Paul Stapleton, is 
quoted in the article saying, "They (Singaporeans) are the rudest f***ing 
people I have ever seen; they need some basic training in civic awareness. 
They don't feel that anyone else exists outside this tiny island." 

Another long-time British resident staying here added, "The problem is the
sole concern of most Singaporeans is money and economic well-being. The only
reason the churches here are packed to the rafters is because people attend
in order to network." 
Yes, these foreign talents cannot stand Singaporeans. Their luck to meet
rude Singaporeans or is it because they met Singaporeans who are smarter
than them!. But who think a world of themselves. I am sure they are people
like this and I am sure there also many many Singaporeans who are not only
civic conscious, kind and gracious but also generous and angelic. Maybe
these chow ang mo have a point. A segment of our population are still
uncivilised and have treated our foreign talent with disdain. Who are these
people? Singapore is so metropolitan now. Have they met with new migrants
from Romania, Israel, Russia, Vietnam, China or India or eleswhere, I


Not Stinkaporean said...

Me fully agree with the writer la. Bloody stinkaporeans think they are rich and superior than others. Less than 40 yrs ago they were squatting to shit w/o electricity nor had running tap water.Now yaya papaya kekeke

Sad S'porean said...

Singaporeans need to examine themselves why are they perceived as rude people.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Singaporeans are quite friendly and honestly I quite like them. Some of them (may be 80% of them) just need to improve their driving skills a lil...

Anonymous said...

not stinkaporean is a malaysianz? .....what to do?sin govt keep promoting courtesy campaign but doesnt seems to work. We should start by behaving ourselves & be more gracious & sincere toward each others as it can influence others as well.

Anonymous said...

We Singaporeans indeed have no social grace and conscience. There are some things we excel in but this is one area we suck big time. Don't compare with some other countries that are worse; that doesn't make us any better. Just examine ourselves - there is a LOT of room for improvement though most Singaporeans are too full of themselves to ever have that realisation.

Anonymous said...

Hello ! Some of the Ozzies are no better ! Foul mouth Rude n Lazy !
2 Fingers to ya mate !

Kiwi said...

Hello mate don't you be rude,see what the writer meant? Singaporeans got a looong way to go before they are cultured.Shame on you mate!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the writer, I have been lived in Singapore for few months and I have some unpleasant experiences with them. Why they just cannot accept other foreigner like how they accept the American or Britain? Is American or Britain really better than others? Besides that, most of the help I gets are from the foreigners, what a shame...

foreinger said...

Me agree with the writer too. I am a foreign worker earning not much and they look down on me. Why are they like that? Plaese note I am not white man either.

Anonymous said...

Just thought of drop a few words to share with the singaporean as below;

Hear what is said, retain what is important, speak what is worthy.

Pity arises when we are sorry for someone....compassion is when we understand n help wisely..

overcome the anger with lovingkindness, overcome ignorance with understanding

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to share with singaporeans.They are simply arrogant and would not listened.

Anonymous said...

hai..if singaporeans are arrogant & ignorance.. then dont come singapore & work & earn the country's money. They should just go back & stay in their country instead of talking bad behind singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Coming to Singapore to work and earn money has nothing to do with how rude Singaporeans are. These are 2 separate issues.

This is not talking bad about Singaporeans behind their backs. Talking openly here in an open public forum.

And this is a statement of fact, not talking bad.

You sound exactly like one of those pompous rude arrogant snobbish Singaporeans. Thanks for posting to prove the point better even though you do not realise it.

Anonymous said...

As a Singaporean, I am ashamed to say that despite our good education system and great opportunties for at least a secondary school education, we are very lacking when it comes to basic manners and consideration for others. "Please" and "Thank You" are uttered grudgingly or not at all. Blame it on parents who care too much about results or grades and not about the character of their children. They were all too busy trying to make more money
and leave the duty of bringing up their kids to the maids. A lot of "Ugly Singaporean" parents also behave very poorly in front of their kids. As a result, the kids grew up not knowing the difference between right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"As a Singaporean, I am ashamed to say that despite our good education system and great opportunties for at least a secondary school education....".......VERY TRUE!!!

HRS said...

I'm an Aussie in Singapore and I think Paul Stapleton and the article he appeared in a both great embarrassments...I'm shocked the Sydney Morning Herald even ran the article. Singaporeans have their rough edges but they are far from being the rudest people on the planet. Singapore has its imperfections but it's actually a great place to live and I find most Singaporeans pretty reasonable people. The complaints people have about the place reveal more about the complainers than they reveal about Singapore.