Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aiya only 10 % lah

I want to make myself very clear here that the things I blog about represent less than 10% of the crew. Therefore more than 90% of the crew are good and decent people out to make a clean living.The same goes for the passengers.
Some of my visitors asked me why don't I blog about the good crew? The answer is, it's always more interesting to know the bad ones first and they are more newsworthy. As for the average good crew, few people would want to know their stories. They are duller and monotonous.
All said,I will blog about some of the things the good crew and paxs did,albeit may be less interesting than those sensational ones.

There was this story I clearly remember about this senior steward. Let's say his name is Willy. He had been 30 years with the airlines and had been a very husband and father to his children. During his night stop at outstations,he seldom mixed with the crew. He scrounged and stinged to save every cent he earned.
Willy did not smoke nor drink but occasionally try to flirt with the stewardesses. It wasn't that the stewardesses did not like him. He was a nice man who's always there for his crew but he didn't have the "Oomph" or that extra factor that could attract the girls.
His stops from HK to Japan to London,Las Vegas,Australia and all over the world were boring and fun less. He behaved in that way so he could save all his salary to pay for his upmarket landed property which he bought many years before.
Today that house of his is fully paid and valued at S$2.5 million*. Not bad for a steward ya? But I supposed Willy must have suffered a lot because from his early 20s when he first joined the airlines till he retired a few years ago,he never once ate at a nice restaurant or buy himself expensive clothes or jackets. He would usually bring canned food, Maggi mee and ate them with bread in his hotel
room in order to save his meal allowances given by the airlines.

Willy's wife Chris was a sexy woman,working as a secretary in an Australian company based in Singapore. Chris was at least ten years younger than Willy and a bubbly,jovial and mischievous type of person. She was her boss's darling.

One day,after a long tiring flight,Willy came home and was shocked to receive a note from Chris telling him she was leaving him for her boss. In fact,she had secretly applied for her Australian PR and had eloped with her Aussie boss. They had both retired and lived in Australia.

Poor Willy! He was devastated and attempted suicide. Today,Willy has been remarried to a lady introduced by his friend and had started a new life together. I've heard he is now a much happier man but then who knows what his new wife is going to do next as she is 20 years younger than him.Besides, his young wife is a China lady from Hainan,an island off the southern coast of China!

*Willy had to sell his house as it was a matrimonial home and gave half of the proceeds from the sale to his ex wife. He sold it at a much lower price,perhaps 1.5 million less than today's value.


pssser-by said...

alamak must be yeo p c very stanch christian

Anonymous said...

Money goes in a CYCLE.

What goes around comes around.