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Monday, July 26, 2010


On a flight from Singapore to Madras,passengers ah beng and muthu were upgraded to the first class cabin because economy was overbooked.
Beng and muthu sat next to each other. When the appetiser course was being served,muthu and beng who were seated at the rear of the first class,overheard the stewardesses offering caviar to the front row passengers. "Mu what is caviar?" asked beng. "oh its one of the appetisers and I loved cavair very much" replied muthu.
A good 15 minutes had passed before the stewardesses pushed the appetiser trolley to where beng and muthu were seated. " Do you like the pate'd foe or the cavair sir?" asked the stewardesses. Without hesitation,muthu,trying to impress the crew and beng replied "oh yes I love caviar". As the crew was dishing out the caviar and it's garnishes (chopped onions,chives and chopped eye yoke)onto the plate for muthu, he quickly protested and told the crew "I want everything that you have dished onto the plate for me except the black black thing". The stewardesses much as they tried to hide their amusement,burst out into laughter.


Anonymous said...

U r so funieeeeee

Anonymous said...

mr muthu should google how the caviar looks like before setting up his to love the dish..haha...

Anonymous said...

mr muthu thought caviar was like kachang puteh but it turn out to be pulut itam..haha