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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Confession of a stewardess,eager at first but now 3 years later..........

Just after the cc interview:

My friend did not manage to get through. After this day, I felt more convinced that this is a job for me. I realized that many other girls I have seen in class who present themselves as business women eager to climb the corporate ladder actually secretly want to become a Singapore girl.

But I got through, 
not them.

I went home, happy and excited that I would have the chance to try on the uniform! I started making a few calls to tell some friends..

A Typical Day at Work Pt 1 ( couple of months after training)


XX502 Bangalore Turnaround
Scheduled Time of Departure from Singapore (STD): 2000
Scheduled Time of Arrival in Bangalore (STA): 2155

Scheduled Time of Departure from Bangalore (STD): 2310
Scheduled Time of Arrival in Singapore (STA): 0605

Total Duty Time: 12h 35min

Because we are required to report for work two hours before the STD, you will arrive at Singapore Changi Airport by 1800h. As you will have to get the flight information before the pre-flight briefing and other stuff, it is "recommended" that you arrive half-hour before the reporting time. So you have to reach by 1730h.

Because it will be an overnight flight where you will work nonstop into the next morning (Singapore Time), be sure you sleep at least four to six hours before the flight. You are in bed by 1300h. Because you got out of bed from the previous night of sleep at 0800h, (you tried your best! Usually you would just sleep till 1000h) you are tossing and turning in bed, forcing yourself to rest before the long and notoriously tiring flight.

In the end you get about one hour of rested sleep. You wake up at 1530h. After showering, you rush to get ready - you now have only half and hour to twist you hair into an immaculate bun, apply foundation, powder, line your eyes, put mascara, lipstick, blusher, eyeshadow and draw your brows. You then proceed to put on your uniform. In your haste, while removing your tee-shirt, you snag your bun and a lock of hair sticks out. You stare nervously at the clock, you HAVE to leave your house by 1630h latest! It is 1625h. You are frustrated and contemplate cutting off all your hair. You say a swear word and proceed to fumble through your drawer for an extra pin. You just stick it in you hair and hope you still look neat. You realise then in horror that you had not remembered to pack the night before!

You silently thank God that you did not have to spend the night in a bangolore hotel and grab your cabin bag.

You rush out of your house and flagged the first cab you see. *UCK!!!!! It sped past you, blissfully unaware of the growing panic that is growing inside your belly. After an excruciating ten minutes, a cab finally stops and the smiling uncle asks "Terminal 3 ah xiao jie?

A Typical Day at Work, Pt 2

The cab drives into the Arrival/Pick up of Changi International Airport and within minutes, you arrive at the Cabin Crew Control Centre.

Only authorized personnel may enter and you are relieved that you didn't forget your staff pass. Once inside, you proceed to the computers where you retrieve the flight information you need (if you haven't already done this at home): STD, STA, flight time, gate, aircraft reg. no., meals to be served onboard, captain's name, first officer's name, whether you need to uplift stuff for the next set of crew on that flight, the security requirement for bangaloh, the prohibited items for crew as well as passengers into the country and into singapore, luggage allowance, duty free allowance, blah blah blah.


Your heart sinks - the flight will be full. you can already see it: all the front rows will be packed with mothers and infants in need of "warm milk, warm milk warm milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" plus water request, whiskey water to be precise!

You look at your watch, it is ten minutes to the start of the pre-flight briefing. You hastily make your way to the briefing room.

You enter and there are already 2 crew there. One greets you happily, sincerely and you already like her. The other one barely touches your hand when you offer it to her. "what was her name again??!" you ask yourself; she had said it in hardly a whisper. "candice? candy? mandy?!?!" You want to clarify, but all you can see are the thick row of false eyelashes immaculately pasted on her eye lid. She is wearing a completely different shade of eyeshadow from that which is allowed; "is that pink???" you wonder to yourself.

Before you know it, candice, candy or mandy becomes the least of your worries as the room starts to flood in with other crew on your flight. You start to see colours - green, blue, dark blue, grey and shudder... red. The mass of names roll over your ears and you can only hope that the superviser (grey) will take attendance (ala primary school) so you have a second chance to get their names before the flight starts.

Nobody speaks.

Suddenly, you feel like the girl sitting at the back of the room in your secondary school when the teacher staring down at you. There are those the teacher likes - they appear much more confident. There are those who have retained for so many years that they can't be bothered anymore with school - you silently remind yourself not to step on their toes, cos they don't look like they would be very forgiving. There are those who are so smiley and happy, you wonder if they are genuine. And then theres you, hoping the day at school would just pass smoothly, that you didn't forget to do any homework and that you can go home early after class to play.

But the day hasn't even begun.......

3 years later:

I am so SICK of flying!!!!!

Sick of painting my nails bloody red everyday

Sick of looking at my red nails

Sick of squeezing into the cursed uniform

Sick of thinking about what to pack for what weather

Sick of thinking about time zone difference

Sick of checking whos on my flight that I should be wary of

Sick of being scared before each flight

Sick of pretending to be a bimbo so that other crew will talk to me

Sick of speaking singlish all the time to fit in

Sick of FULL LOADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sabrina said...

I want to be a stewardess badly so please resign if you are sick of the job and SIA please take me.

Anonymous said...

Every job has its pros and cons. I'm sure if she tries other jobs, she will be sick of it too but hey, that's life. Many people want her job so yea..resign and give it to others who want it more.

Stewardess hopeful said...

She should quit and create a vacancy for people like myself who need the job badly even after more than 5 times trying unsuccessfully.

Anonymous said...

Ungrateful!!! U have a choice nobody force u to stick to SIA.Are sick of the good salary and the lifestyle at the end of the month?Get a life,BITCH!!!!And let others who like to get in cabin crew.

PasserBy said...

ComeOn don't call her a "bitch" she was simply expressing her frustration with SIA. CC work like dogs with full loads of nasty passengers to contend with. A kind word to her would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I found the real blog that had these entries and realised that the author of this blog has completely taken her posts out of context. She blogged about her discontent in 2008 and it was just a one-off thing. Most of her posts are intellectual and her personality comes through as a very down-to-earth and kind hearted person.

I don't think it's right for Boh tong to just pluck out a few posts and make it seem as if this girl is ungrateful (btw, her "Unhappy" post was way back in 2008)

Anonymous said...

"Am I to do this forever? My bf flies.. it makes sense for me to stay right?

I don't want to be the one stuck in SG while he globetrots. Yet every flight seems a stark reminder that I am wasting my time in the airline because nobody will recognise my sincerity and hard work."...said the confessor stewardess.....

Above was posted in March 2010. That showed she was tired of her job. Reason she stayed on was because her b/f is also a crew.

Anonymous said...

resign,quit or whatever but let others have a chance.

Anonymous said...

what is the blog?

Anonymous said...

Boh Tong U must be a fan of 90.5FM Only want to hear good stuff ! (Abt youeself tat is Bo U delete )

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
Boh Tong U must be a fan of 90.5FM Only want to hear good stuff ! (Abt youeself tat is Bo U delete )

BT: ya i am a fan of 90.5FM lor. Who doesn't want to hear the good stuff huh?
I will delete those rude comments too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle BT,

Next time if you wish to publish posts from my blog, kindly state the correct credits and link accordingly.

Thanks, much love!

SG Gal

mavis said...

Found the blog where the original posts were from:

Boh Tong completely took her posts out of context, that's a horrible thing to do! I used to enjoy reading boh tong's blog, but now I think he's just using SIA and the Singapore Girl to make money for himself.

Was planning to buy your book, but not anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Boh Tong, its great reading this particular post. I totally agree with the FSS life as a crew is not easy,it does have its fun part. I am a junior crew that joined with 100% passion abt the job like many others. There are reason why after sometime the passion die nowadays notlike those yesteryears. It is absurb that company works in a way that crew is the last on the list. For eg, people at the control act as if we own them a living but company is not doing anything but for us , a slight mistake we are being chase down like dogs. I really hope TPT reads this as places like control, Seth See department really needs some cleaning up...

on behalf of all crew,
Junior crew

most jr crew said...

I also agree with Junior crew's comment. I can't give my all when the slightest thing we get whacked by the office. Sigh..sigh..can't wait for my bond to expire.

kt said...

this was freaking hilarious... loved reading it... ! - kt

Anonymous said...

It is very true, what was written by SG gal, however, when you are no longer with the company, you will also come to miss all these, trust me... been there, done that...

Anonymous said...

very funny, those cabin crew hopefuls reading will be like

"if u are sick of it, quit pls! so that there will be a vacancy."

after a year of flying, the same hopeful (if she get in) will be like:

"super like your post! i so super agree!"