Friday, July 2, 2010

The filial son

Tee was just a normal  chief steward in his early forties. He had spent 20  years with the airlines and was a bachelor. The only odd thing about Tee was he had a weakness for the young and newly joined stewardesses. But then which normal man doesn't isn't it? Only thing which is not normal with Tee was he would find every opportunity during work to rub his front against the girls' buttocks. He was sexcited each time there was a new stewardess on his flight. He wouldn't dare to do the same to the senior girls for fear of them reporting him. The new girls were timid and incapable of reporting a chief steward,thought Tee.
Tee had been up to his mischief for many years without anyone reporting him.
One day, Jess a 19 year old new stewardess on her 2nd solo flight became Tee's victim.  He would pretend to teach Jess about work,taking every opportunity to hold her hands and rubbing them. He would rubbed his front against Jess every time he had the opportunity in the close confine of the small galley.
Naturally Jess was terrified of Tee but she wouldn't dare to tell any of her colleagues. After all her colleagues were unfriendly towards her.
During the layover, Tee forced himself into Jess's hotel room and molested her. It went too far and Jess couldn't take it any longer. She went to one of senior stewardesses(Alice) room and beg her for help.
Seeing the bruises on her body and arms inflicted by Tee during her struggle, Alice got so mad that she called Tee up and told him to stop his nonsense.
A few days after the flight Tee was summoned to the office and charged with molesting Jess. He was fired instantly.
Back home and without a job, Tee's mother asked him why he was not working for the last few weeks. Tee lied to his mum that he was on leave. His poor old mum believed him.
In order not to arouse his mum's suspicion, Tee would put on his uniform,carry his bag and parked himself at one of his friends' house for a couple of days. Tee did this for a few years until one day when his mum passed away.


Anonymous said...

See what bachelorhood has done to this man. tsk tsk tsk.....
Was he charged in court?

edwin said...

he was not charged,just sacked by sia

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't he charged in court?
The girl didn't report to police?
Sigh.... this type of molester should be dealt severely.

Anonymous said...

SQ didn't want the gal to report or else bad publicity mah.So just sacked the guy will do.

Boh Tong said...

SQ din't want to report or else bad publicity for the airline.

Anonymous said...

because of excitement for the lust (5-10 minuetes) he regrets it for his entire life...