Friday, July 2, 2010

As promised my free tips for cabin crew wannabe interview.

1st round: 10 candidates to 2 interviewers

You would be asked to introduce yourselves and answer a question. The question for all the 10 ppl may be like this one>> "Please introduce yourselves, your current job and answer this - How would you introduce Singapore to your passengers". 

You may talk about the casinos and common tourist sights eg. the night safari, the HDB satellite towns like Toa Payoh etc etc. You could also recommend trekking, the rainforest and Bukit Timah Hill.

2nd round:  

They would place you into groups. Spotlight on the floor upwards. Most had to do a short walk. They would take your weight and measure your height. You may do a reach test to see whether you are able to reach the aircraft overhead compartments to stow paxs' belongings.

3 rd round: 

1-on -1 interviewer: The interviewer  will ask  you questions. It could be about past job experiences or your hobbies and talents. Then there may be a passage reading.  Passages are problems that crew faces in their daily work. 

4th round: 

It could be on the next day. They would put you into a group of 4,5 or 6. You would be given time to mingle and get to know each other each other. You may be asked to find out a fascinating fact about your partners and introduce to them to the interviewers. Then they might give you topic a topic to discuss or a debate. 

5th round: 

Put on the kebaya  (men dun have to la) and  walk towards interviewer and undergo a skin check on hands,face etc.

If passed all above, you will be asked to undergo a medical checkup.
If certified fit you will then be joining the world's best airline....SIA la!

Disclaimer: The author will not be responsible for any failure even if the wannabes followed the above to the letter ok?

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