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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I have worked 35 years and yet.......

 Mind you I have worked 35 years and yet I do not complained that I was sick of my job. SIA paid for my children's school fees, our daily household expenses, our holidays every year with the free tickets, our cars, our house etc etc.  Granted, without SIA my family and I could also have survived but what standard of living we would be in? Perhaps we would live in a 4 roomed HDB flat and going to work by buses or MRT trains or both. My wife would have to work too so we could pay our HDB mortgage. Our children would not have gone to the universities because we couldn't afford them. Therefore we are grateful to SIA. Even now, I have not burned the bridge behind me. To be honest, I think SIA is a damn good employer.
The thing about me and I am not boasting is that I could have done better if I had left SIA say when I was much younger like in my 30's. I could have done a lot more creative things outside of SIA. In SIA I was restricted to follow the rules and the orders of my managers and SVPs. There was insufficient space for creativity. You merely follow the book and if you don't rock the boat and you will be fine. That's the reasons I could not get along with many of my superiors.
I don't blame Henry for swindling SIA off 35 million dollars. He had warned his bosses about the loopholes whereby a staff could exploit the meal allowances payment system and cheat the company. Sadly, Henry's warning fell on deaf ears. In the end Henry capitalised on the weakness of the system and siphoned away millions from SIA. Henry was only caught after almost 14 years in the "job" and that too  was the result of the bank officers'efforts.
Now coming back to why I never complain or bad mouth my former employer is because they paid me reasonably well, let me be a member of the sports club for meager fee of $8 a month, at a certain year paid me 6 months bonus, gave me share options, free tickets for me and my wife for life etc etc.
On top of the above, I did my own roster,flying to wherever the airline flies to, staying in 5 stars hotels, paid handsome food allowance, generous inflight incentive allowance and what have you.
Who cares whether the flights were full because I did not have to serve the passengers.
So you see I have many reasons to, in fact love SIA.
The stewardess whom I talked about (below post) is always sick of her job. Being sick as she described it was equal to hating her job.
As for me I loved my job.
I loved SIA,
I loved  it when it's a full load because I was assured of at least 6 month bonus,
I loved it when I see my crew sweat it out on the flights  so I could justify my presence on the flights,
I loved to hate my managers,
I loved to kick a few of my svps in their asses.....hahaha....
So you see it's good to love,love,love!!!


Anonymous said...

Bohtong, so yours is a love hate- relationship, that's why you lasted 35 years with the company.

boh tong said...

no la mine is a love love affair with sia otherwise won't have lasted 35 yrs...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Yes I love my days being the Singapore girl. Till now I still have dreams of working as an SIA stewardess, in my kebaya, hair neatly combed into a cute bun, and my charming smile. What can I say? Singapore Airlines, you're a great way to fly.
Cili Padi (to my ex-colleagues who gave me this 'title')

Anonymous said...

I love the company too, still hoping that I can go back one day....