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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A sickly encounter.

Sue was night stopping in Johannesburg (JNB), South Africa after a long flight from Hong Kong . Sue was a stewardess with an airline based in Hong Kong. She had lived there for a good number of years.
On the second day of her stay in JNB,Sue became sick. She had high fever,accompanied by frequent vomiting. The doctors treated her with antibiotics but they didn't help. She could not work on the flight and had to pax back to HKG.
In HKG, Sue's medical situation became worse. She felt she was going to die. As a Christian,Sue thought the best thing she could do before she dies was to call for her church pastor to come to her house and pray for her.
Pastor John hurriedly drove to Sue's place after her call for help. On entering Sue's house, John felt an eerie feeling. John  had in his course of duty as a pastor encountered many ghostly or we may call them spiritual battles with the evil forces. But this one was more eerie and powerful than he had encountered before.
John spoke to Sue for a while. Suddenly, as John place his hands on Sue to pray for her,Sue started to utter something incoherently and fell on the floor with foam coming out of her mouth.
John stooped down and place his hands on Sue and prayed for her. All of a sudden, something that looked like a misty figure of a long haired old haggard woman drifted swiftly out of Sue's body and disappeared into her handbag.
John opened Sue's handbag and spot a little gem stone where he felt the ghostly figure had disappeared into. John wrapped up the little stone in a little prayer cloth and drove to the harbor. There, John said a little prayer and tossed the stone into the sea. He could see the surface of the water where he tossed the stone bubbled for a few minutes.
John quickly drove back to Sue's place. By this time Sue was up and about.
John related the story of the spiritual encounter ( all those times Sue was unconscious) to Sue. She was shocked to hear that the gem stone she had purchased from JNB was the refuge of an evil spirit.
After the exorcising of the spirit,Sue recovered and was well again. Never again will Sue buy any stone from Africa or any where else. She told her colleagues her story and some of them who had bought the stones earlier on quickly hurled them into the sea.


Anonymous said...

my fren encoutered somewhat like sue too

Anonymous said...

So eerie.
Cannot anyhow buy stones.