Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TPT, Mrs. Lam and CCS leaving soon

CEO Chew Choon Seng is expected to leave SIA by year end. He has his retirement extended a few years but now have to say sayonara. Perhaps,Chew could ask Alan Tan to fight his case and get his retirement extended just like the IFS (Inflight Supervisor).But first Chew has to pay his union subscription and arrears.
TPT (Tan Pee Teck) SVPcc is also leaving cabin crew division and expected to join marketing. Many in cc will celebrate his departure...not that they are going to miss him but happy and relief to see him go.
Actually,TPT is not a bad SVP. He has a job to do and take care of his KPI and his lovely family.He has the unenviable task of making sure the inflight service is maintained or even better improve with minimum cost. Well well well I would have done the same as him given the current situation except that I will splurge on the hotel accommodation and crew salaries.
Heard that cc training manager Mrs. Lam is also retiring soon or have retired already (not sure cos she looks younger than her age).
Paywise, an average SVP would get a monthly salary ranging from 15k to 50k,depending on his seniority plus attractive bonuses and share option. But then all this is chicken feed if you compare the salary of our ministers ( I didn't say ah it's the website that says it ok).
As for me ah I get a few hundred $$ a month from my CPFlife which is not even enough to bring me to the casinos.


Anonymous said...

if retirement is extended den ah seng must take a 50% pay cut.

Anonymous said...

The worse has yet to come, TPT predecessor will want his KPI to be even better, more squeezing of CC is coming like sugar cane juice down to the last drop.. TPT will get his karma sooner or later, whether directly or thru his love ones, we have all seen dat happenin to those EVil pple in CC.Heard he owns a property in sentosa cove, all thanks to us CC. What do you mean he has a job to do, at the expense of the morale of CC backstabbin one another, all this military guys have no heart just like Beh, they are very cunning and have tactial plannin so that CC kill one another while they laugh at us. Beh is no more Hor Jinx's pet, so he defintely wont be CEO.. too bad bey..no political scene for u as well, not a pple's person..

pilot said...

We wish beh would leave too.

Anonymous said...

Yah, $15K salary but $5 job, value added $2.50 only, how SIA can make money ? Because cc so hardworking on board and have pride for our job, not because of TPT.
Management should wake up by now. Go marketing, all sure die - left $1 value and all passenger gone. By then is too late.

Anonymous said...

Squeezing? Not the right word, more like GRINDING the poor sugar cane(Cabin Crew)