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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watches con .

Gi was a senior purser with an airline. Besides earning a decent salary from the airline,he also moonlight by "transporting" goods for some syndicates.
One of his methods of making extra $$ was to bring into certain countries goods that are ridiculously expensive because of their great demand. Gi would smuggle these goods and because he evaded paying taxes on those luxury items, he and the syndicates would profit even more.
Besides himself do the smuggling he also recruit the crew to smuggle for him. He would pay the crew an average of $150 for each expensive watch that was smuggled into places like Japan,South Korea,Australia etc.
His modus operandi was like this:
First, he would prey on crew who were hard up for money,especially the gamblers who owed loan sharks. He would also preyed on crew who were in financial difficulty.
Second, he would convinced them  it was safe to carry the items and the customs staff were "taken care of".
Once the crew agreed to his terms,he would then visit them with the goods (could be expensive watches or gold bars) and briefed them on whom to contact at the other end. When the goods were safely handed over to his overseas contact,he would bank in the "rewards" into the crews' accounts or pay them in cash when they returned home.
All along things went on without a hitch. Payments and delivery of the goods were carried out smoothly.
Then came February 1982 when Abe a junior steward got into trouble with the Japanese syndicate. Abe was to deliver 2 watches which Gi  packed into a box and handed to him. On arriving at a Tokyo hotel and after making contact with the Japanese, Abe found the box which was to contain the 2 watches empty. Of course, the 2 Japanese guys who were supposed to collect the watches were upset with Abe.
They made a few long distance calls to Gi and were told the missing watches were the responsibility of Abe.
Abe was threatened with bodily harm by the 2 Japanese men if he did not pay them for the 2 missing watches. After a long phone call to Gi and on his advice, Abe who was afraid of the harm the Japanese would inflict on him,promised to pay a $1,000 a month to them through Gi for 2 years.
Abe was also warned not to breathe a word of the incidence to the airline or anyone.


Anonymous said...

The Japanese must be the yakuzas isn't it BT?

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
The Japanese must be the yakuzas isn't it BT?
BT: I think so too.

Anonymous said...

Abe's fault for not checking the goods before sealing ...