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Friday, August 13, 2010

Blind jealousy

Tony, a non crew had a stewardess girl friend. He was a young handsome man and his girl friend Sue was a head turner. They looked the perfect couple.
Tony had met Sue when he was her passenger on a flight 2 years ago. It was like a fairytale story when they both fell for each other the first time they met on the plane.
Lately, Tony told me that Sue was behaving strangely. She would chat with her chief steward Alan very often on her mobile phone or skyped each other in Singapore and neglected Tony.
Tony,after reading my blog about stewardesses having affair with senior male cabin crew and pilots became suspicious of Sue. He told me that Sue was having an affair with Alan who was incidentally "married with a child". To make matter worst, one of Tony's friend who was a steward told him that Sue flew regularly with Alan. They would changed flights to get to fly with each other. The last straw was when Tony's friend told him that Sue had during her night stops shared hotel room with Alan.
One day, Tony waited for Sue at the arrival hall. His suspicion was confirmed when he witnessed Alan walking with Sue towards him. He confronted the 2 of them and there was a big commotion at the arrival area.
Back home, Tony was so full of jealousy that he beat Sue up so badly that she had to be hospitalised.
Sue despite of being treated badly begged Tony not to leave her. She told him that Alan was just a good friend and there was nothing more than that. She wanted to explain her relationship with Alan to Tony but he just would not listened. Finally, Tony left Sue.
The real story was, Alan was a gay and it would not be possible for him to have a love affair with Sue. The talk about Alan being married with a child was false. In fact, Alan was in love with Sue's late brother whom they had much to talk about during their night stops.
Tony refused to believe the story even after he had heard it from the crew.


Anonymous said...

They not even married yet he so possessive!

Annie said...

Stupid Tony,Sue should have dumped him long ago.

Anonymous said...

Ya, Sue should leave him. I hate men who beat women.

Anonymous said...

So ungentlemanly to beat a woman. Think this is India or China is it?

Anonymous said...

He is a chauvinistic dog!

Anonymous said...

Should be chavunistic pig.

Jessie said...

I hate men who bully women.

Anonymous said...

...."It was like a fairytale story when they both fell for each other the first time they met on the plane......"

More like lust at first sight.
I don't believe in love at first sight. How do you know that you love someone if you have seen him for the first time?
For Sue, the lust wore out; for Tony, the lust has turned into obsession.

Anonymous said...

There is more to it than the eyes meet. In fact I know the whole story like why Tony was so full of jealousy and rage. BT please tell us more, will you?

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that Tony became suspicious after reading your blog.

Maybe this is a good reason why you should not blog about such stuff?