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Friday, 6 May 2011

A jobless senior citizen.

When I turned 59 I went for a security guard walk-in interview. With all my past experiences of knowing how to operate various types of fire extinguishers , the use of  guns and first aid I was turned down because I was considered "too old". I was a cabin crew executive and a trainer, an ex prison officer as well as a male nurse but all these meant nothing to the interviewer. Know what? The pay of a guard was  a meagre $50 a day or night of 12 hours duty time at a stretch. You would have to work for 2 weeks to get an off day.
A year later, I tried applying for an assistant night supervisor position with an established convenience store. The pay was $1,200 a month. Again I was told "uncle you are too old for the job"......hmmmm it's was so frustrating  trying to get even a lowly paid job.
I gave up the idea of working for people and decided to be an author. I started blogging about things at my former work place. A big reputable publisher by the name of Marshall Cavendish approached me and wanted my stories to be made into a book. I agreed and here I am the author of "Fasten Your Seat Belts".
On hindsight,I think the above 2 employers didn't want to employ me because they may be afraid I blog about life in their establishments.....hahaha.....lucky fellows clever hor?


Anonymous said...

Lau kok kok kekeke

boh tong said...

Dun be rude u up there! one day u will be lau kok kok too remember tat ok?

Anonymous said...

at 59 why would u still want to work? just retire la

Ex LS said...

It's good to work even until when one is in their senior years. Why not? It keeps the person going. If one is doing what he likes or loves, then it is as though he is doing his hobby while earning money right? instance, if he is working at a country club as a recep staff, maybe he like or loves to meet people and talk to them in leisurely manner, then he is enjoying himself while keeping himself going and earning money all at same time! Wouldn't that be good even if he bit old?

Anonymous said...

thats why must save enuf for old age, then have money for retirement. They can go do charity work or religious activities or take care of the grandkids, golfing or something. Stop denying younger people a job.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Lau kok kok kekeke

1:34 PM


It is fortunate for one to be a lau kok kok. Don't mock at old people. It is a blessing to be able to live to old age.

boh tong said...

why i cannot work ah?? Pls lah dun critize an old man.

retirement community long island said...

The rising costs of medications today have made it very important that everyone including the senior citizens get themselves covered through the insurance policies.

Anonymous said...

Hii Bohtong !!! Hehehe! I bought your book and already real the whole stories! I'm Cynthia and I'm 17years-old ! Cabin crew is my dream job because I love travelling! Besides, I love making new friends. My mum is a former travel agent so I spoke to some tourist too. At that time, I realised that I am actually into tourism & I love travelling despite my mum & I share the sameee interest. So I choose Cabin Crew :) There's only one thing I;m worry about, is what written in your book :( I DO NOT wanna end up nor involve in such wild activities. So, as a former cabin crew, I would like to hear some advice from you in how to avoid these things!
Plus, your book gives wonderful lesson to cabin-crew wannabe & I'm one of them !

Looking foward to hear from you soon !

boh tong said...

Hi Cynthia,

Nice to hear from u and also thanks for buying my book.
Don't worry about all those wild things that some of the stewardesses were involved in. If u are disciplined enough and don't want to participate in those activities,no one can force u.
I hope u will be flying for SIA soon when u turn 18.

Anonymous said...