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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sad to see CEO Chew go

It's kinda sad to see our CEO retiring at the end of the year. To me he has been an excellent CEO. At the height of the SARS crisis in 2003 when he took over as the CEO, he kindly gave us the opportunity to leave the airline with a nice gratuity. Not many of my colleagues appreciate that gesture but I certainly do. By letting me go, he had indirectly gave me the opportunity to write my first book,pursue my profitable hobbies etc etc. Thank you my kind CEO Seng.
Another thing I like about CEO Chew or affectionately known as Ah Seng was that he never criticised the crew who served him on his flight. He would remained quiet and unassuming and smile when we served him.
I had in my 35 years of flying , served unappreciative top brass people. They seldom praise the crew for the impeccable service rendered to them and their family but look for the slightest opportunity to "hantam" (complain) against them. Such was the culture then and I think it's still the same today ( correct me if I am wrong).
There was one who was so very petty with the crew. He would questioned the crew about the countries where the aircraft fruits came from,the profile of the passengers on his flight, the types of cargo we carried etc etc. He really traumatised the already terrified crew.
Not long ago there was another one who complained to the cabin crew bosses that the supervisor on his flight was paying too much attention a a particular first class passenger. Little did that he knew the supervisor was trying his best to calm that passenger because of some service lapse. The airline did not uplift her choice of meal which she had ordered.
Complain,complain complain...that's what they seemed to do. Complimenting the crew?? not in a million years. Wake up you uncomplimentary big bosses for it's time to show some appreciation to your hardworking cabin crew!


Anonymous said...

Yes BT, thank him with all your heart. He closed one door for you, but opened 10 doors instead, as you have mentioned before. Now his own door is closing, i wonder how many doors are awaiting him?

boh tong said...

He will have instead of doors,many windows opened for him as he is an experienced svp and ceo

Anonymous said...

Jumping out of windows can be dangerous. On the otherhand, if the windows are grilled, then there is no way out.

Anonymous said...

The best is still Lim Chin Beng.
He cleans the toilet after every use.


Anonymous said...

Even Mrs Lim cleaned the toilets after use.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Shame on the rest of them!!!!!

Conduct and behaviour speaks volume of their mentality and character.

Imagine what kind of example they set for their children.

That is why this country need to have campaign like being Gracious to one another.

SHAME on you calling yourself top management!!!!

Should learn a thing or two from the most respected Person such as
Mr. & Mrs Lim Chin Beng.
I believe Mr. & Mrs Lim will get their Blessings from all the crew.

What Goes Around Comes Around.