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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Talking about seniority when I was a steward.

Senior gals

Sometimes working with the very senior stewardesses were worst. They made you worked for them even during the night stops. Besides carrying their shopping for them (those days we don't have trolleys)and sharing rooms with them you would sometimes have to act like pimps for them.
If they were interested in "kow suaing" some rich passengers,you would have to act as pimps for them.You would have to subtly find out whether those passengers were married men or not and how rich were they etc. You would then be commanded to find out whether they were interested in the gals. If they were,then you would have to arrange a date for them. The gals would tried to be the goody goody type to those rich passengers.
At times when these aunties were tired,they would make you massage them in the hotel rooms. These sessions could go on for an hour or two. At the end of it all,the aunties would reward you with a peck on your cheeks. Dare you try to get fresh with them cos would be sacked when you reach home(most had BFs in the office or senior male crew or captains)

Senior crew.

The more senior you were the better privileges you would have. Privileges or perks as you may call them came in the form of sleeping with new and cute stewardesses or stewards,junior crew polishing your "apples",buying and serving you yummy meals,making pimps out of junior crew etc.
Senior crew were of both sexes. Those days the junior crew were like today's maids but with no police to report the abuses. One report to the office about these seniors behaviour will have the whole gang of senior crew coming down hard on you. You would get abused and falsely reported to the office about your "inability" to function as a crew.
Many of us stewards were made to share hotel rooms with the senior stewardesses who were "scared" of ghosts. If we refused, we would be marked and life would be miserable. Ha! you filthy minded guys would think we stewards were stupid to refuse. You probably think why not screw these senior gals in the room. If you dare touch even their hair,you would probably be sacked.Sharing room was one thing but we were made to serve and carried their shopping bags and what have you.


Got Transport said...

SS I think those of us who join in the 70's were subjected to worst treatment by all you people !

Anonymous said...

Me too joined in 1968 had worst treatment than you guys..ppl like beng,vincent,chris addis & the lot