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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Her dream came true

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Every morning when Jane woke up she would go to the mirror and talked to herself.She would repeatedly remind herself to marry a very rich man when she grew up. "Mirror mirror on the wall,who is the rich man to marry Jane?". She was 10 years old then.
Jane grew up in a middle class family with her mother and step father.
She was fairly tall for her age and good looking too. Her breasts were a little too large for her age but she was proud of them.
Jane was always fascinated by rich men driving around with women in their expensive cars. She promised herself she would one day not only be driven around in luxury cars but lived in big houses with numerous servants. Jane was obsessed with wealth.
At age 18,Jane applied for the stewardess post which was advertised in the local newspaper. She was told by friends that one sure way to get to know the rich was to work as a stewardess. MSA or the now defunct Malaysia Singapore Airline was one of the biggest airlines in this part of the world and to secure a place as it's stewardess was the first step for Jane.
The stewardess interview was a breeze for Jane. She had no trouble getting the job she wanted because she was beautiful,charming and bubbly in nature. MSA typically looked for girls like Jane.
A month later,Jane flew down from her hometown in Malaysia and started her training in Singapore.
During training,Jane was much sought after by her seniors in the office. Her trainer dated her a couple of times but got nothing much out of her. She went on dates with him just to make sure she would passed her exams.
Jane was a scheming type of girl.She once told us that becoming a stewardess was not her dream like the other girls. She said she would use the stewardess position to hooked some rich passengers. She would want to infiltrate the millionaires' club.
In a matter of 2 months,Jane completed her training and started to fly.
She dumped her instructor,politely refusing his dates and started to look out for wealthy passengers.
I was quite shocked to hear Jane and an old business tycoon were dating each other. When I had the chance to fly with her I asked her why did she even got close to that tycoon. He was a very unpopular and uncouth first class passenger who used to push the male crew around. Jane's reply was " I won't even let him touch me,he is so revolting but I need him to introduce me to millionaires' club".
True to her words,Jane stopped going out with that tycoon. By now,Jane was flying for about 6 months. Her next boy friend was a son of a rich man called Sam. She was getting serious with him until Richie came along.
Richie was a regular first class passenger. He was a CIP (company's important passenger) and a real gentleman. He was in his early 50s at that time. He got to know Jane on one of his flights and fell for her.
The romance between Richie , a multi millionaire businessman and Jane began with Richie buying a very expensive gift for her. It was a Platinum 2 carat diamond ring.
Whenever Jane was rostered to do a long flight eg. to London where they crew would have a 5 day stay in Bahrain and 4 days stay in London,Richie would buy a first class ticket and flew with her. Richie would booked a hotel room near or opposite Jane's room.
Flowers and gifts would be showered on Jane by Richie. However in spite of all the gifts,Jane did not give in to Richie. She liked Richie and knew that he was one of the richest man in Asia but she played "hard to get".
Besides,she was living with Sam and she had some feelings for him.
Between Richie and Sam,Jane once confided in me that she preferred Richie but he was a married man and Sam was a divorcee. She told me " if Richie were to leave his wife I would go with him"..."I have better chance with Sam because he is available".
Jane liked Richie more because he had class which younger Sam lacked. Also Richie was much wealthier and generous.
Each time after her flight, Sam would be at the arrival hall to pick Jane home. It was heart breaking for Richie for he had witnessed on several occasions Sam hugging and kissing Jane at the arrival area of Singapore Paya Lebar Airport.
One day, Sam found out about Richie's interest in Jane and confronted him. Richie admitted he was in love with Jane. Jane was made to appear in the presence of the 2 men and asked which she preferred. She pointed her finger at Richie.
Jane and Sam broke off their relationship and moved out of his house. Richie bought a beautiful apartment in Singapore for Jane to live in.
"You would have to leave your wife if you want me Richie" Jane told Richie time and again when he wanted to sleep with her.
One day, somehow they had sex and a few months later Jane was pregnant.Jane  had to quit the airline because she did not want to abort the baby.
Jane became Richie's mistress. When she gave birth to their first child,Richie presented  Jane with a $500,000 cheque.
A few years later,Richie's wife died of a long sickness. This opened the way for Jane to be Richie's wife and indeed she was, a couple of months later.
When Jane gave birth to their second child she was given a million bucks by Richie.
Today,Jane ,Richie and their 2 children live in Hong Kong where Richie conduct most part of his business.


Anonymous said...

wow.. an amazing life story bohtong.. keep up the good work!!

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
wow.. an amazing life story bohtong.. keep up the good work!!..

BT: arigato,thank u for ur kind comment la...at least u appreciate wat i blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, BT, I tot I read this story before. It is in your book!
But, never mind, it is still so interesting.

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
Hey, BT, I tot I read this story before. It is in your book!
But, never mind, it is still so interesting......

BT: never mind la cos those who didn't buy my book can read for free.

Anonymous said...

Boh Tong is a GREEN man. He likes recycled stuff.

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
Boh Tong is a GREEN man. He likes recycled stuff........

BT: U so rite to say tat la..in fact i wanna join the Greenpeace grp but sia caught me first...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Richie sounds like "SUGAR KING" and Sam is related to Movie Mogul??