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Monday, September 27, 2010

Funny short stories

Air sickness cap.

Stewardess Aminah was air sick while working in the front cabin. The weather wasn't too friendly and the plane started to rock ,almost hit by lightning. Aminah wanted to throw out but the airsickness bags were too far from where she was. Instinctively, Aminah who was near the cockpit door quickly opened it and grabbed the captain's cap,turned it upwards and vomited into it! the captain wasn't mad and he merely asked Aminah to disposed his cap into the waste bin.

Merry go round

During a short layover in Tokyo, steward Jim left his hotel at about 10pm and travelled by train to buy himself a cabin bag. It was his first time in Japan. He was scheduled to check out of the hotel the next morning at 7am. Guess what? Jim lost his way and didn't get back to the hotel until almost 7am.

Gaming ghosts

We were playing card games one night in a hotel in Hong Kong. Little did we realised there were ghosts leaning over some of my colleagues shoulders trying to peep at their cards. Allan who could see spirits told us much later on during our flight home.

Sleepless night stops

There were a few stewardesses who would rather hang around the hotel lobby the whole night till morning than to check into their room in Toyko. Reason?  They believed the hotel rooms were haunted and the stewards could not be trusted to share room with.

A Lawyer?

A flight supervisor asked a new stewardess what was she doing before joining the airline. She replied in typical Singlish " study lor ( sounded like law)"  to which the supervisor retorted " what are you doing here then you should be a lawyer ?"

Beg your pardon what flight?

A stewardess made an announcement over the PA telling the passengers the flight was known as the "Executive Luncheon Flight" pronounced it as "Executive Lan Cheow ( means pennis in Hokkien dialect) Flight"

Anyone who has more stories please contribute and I will publish them.


Anonymous said...

In the hospital, the bag and mask is used to resuscitate patients who collapse. In one case of emergency, the doctor called for the nurse to bring the bag and mask, the nurse who was fresh out of school did not know what it meant and brought a plastic bag and a face mask for the doctor.

Anonymous said...

Teacher : Which is the furthest planet from the sun in our solar system.

Student : Teacher, ur anus.

Anonymous said...

hahaha the comments are so funny but I don understand what they are supposed to

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
hahaha the comments are so funny but I don understand what they are supposed to
First one : the nurse supposed to bring the bag and mask equipment for the doctor to resus the patient. But she gave the doc a plastic bag and a surgical mask instead!

Second one : the planet farthest away from the sun is Uranus
(ur anus).