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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Retribution or Karma?

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Liz was an average looking girl except for her fair and smooth complexion which somehow enhanced her looks. Liz was a hot stuff and most of the crew knew that. She slept with many guys even before she became a stewardess with the airline. One would expect that Liz would be wild once she joined the airline. However,she seemed to like only one senior steward and had been his girl friend ever since she started flying.
Liz's boy friend was Sam. Sure Sam was a married man and everyone's guess why Liz wasn't fooling around was because Sam must have been able to satisfy the huge sexual appetite of Liz's.
Once someone asked Liz how did she managed to have and maintained such a smooth and fair complexion even after a long night flight..."Simple" was her answer "I swallow the s**** of the man who made love to me". So that was the main reason she had a lovely skin,so she believed.
There was a senior steward whose position was like that of an IA in SQ ( IA= Inflight Auditor). He was known by the name of Dan and he was interested in Liz too. Of course, Dan knew his chances of bedding Liz was almost zero as Liz was in love with Sam. However, Dan was one who would not easily gave up. He could be unscrupulous when it comes to this sort of thing. To him if Sam a married man could seduced Liz so could he too.
We don't know whether it was by sheer coincidence that Dan was rostered to fly with Liz or it was pre arranged by Dan himself. They operated a flight together to HKG and stopped for a night.
In HKG, that evening, Dan called Liz and asked her to visit him in his hotel room. "I have an appraisal on you Liz and I need to brief you on your work performance" said Dan over the phone.
In less than 10 minutes, Liz was knocking at Dan's door. "Please come in Liz....wow you look really sexy when out of your uniform." Dan praised Liz. "Thank you Dan, you are very kind" Liz replied shyly.
Dan gestured to Liz to take a seat. He poured a glass of orange juice which he removed from the aircraft fridge and offered Liz. She recognized the orange juice was the same as the one served on the flight. Liz dismissed the thoughts that Dan was like any other crew who would steal things off the airplanes. To Liz Dan represented the airline management and could not have stolen the orange juice. Perhaps it was a coincidence. Besides the same brand of OJ could be bought from the shops in HKG.
"I have something to tell you about your boy friend Sam and hope you would not be offended with me" said Dan. "I am worried for a nice girl like you to be ignorant of the things Sam did and said about you behind your back" Dan told Liz. "The whole airline knew about how you like to make love with Sam in the closet and be blindfolded" Dan said with an air of concern for Liz. "Oh my gosh did Sam tell people how I like to be made love to?" Liz asked Dan with disbelief in her eyes. "Yes my dear he did otherwise I wouldn't know, isn't it?" replied Dan calmly.
Dan started to tell Liz how many stewardesses Sam had screwed before she joined the airline. Liz couldn't believed all that Dan had told her. She had so much faith and feelings for Sam. Liz broke down and cried and begged Dan to stop telling her about Sam.
This is the opportune time to get into action,thought Dan. He put his arms around Liz and consoled her. "Please don't cry dear cos he does not deserve to be with a nice girl like you" Dan whispered into Liz's ear.
The fragrance of the shampoo which Liz used on her hair smelled like sweet roses to Dan as he kissed her head. He hugged Liz and carried her to his bed. Liz was confused but did not resist as Dan started to fondle her solid breasts. She felt the rush of sexual adrenaline swamping over her whole body. Dan began to undress Liz and she felt the urged to be made love to. They were over each other in a matter of seconds.
Back home whenever Liz met Sam she would ignored him. She hated him for having a big mouth bragging to the other crew how he screwed her. Sam felt strange that Liz had suddenly changed her feelings towards him. "How could that be,what has happened to Liz?" Sam kept asking himself.
A few days later, Sam managed to get hold of Liz and asked her to explain her cold attitude towards him.
She wept as she repeated what Dan had told her about him. "Those are big lies, I never told anyone about our intimacy,Liz" Sam pleaded with Liz. "Dan is a liar and I will get to the bottom of it" Sam promised Liz.
But Liz wouldn't give anymore time for Sam to explain.
Sam tried recalling all the things he told Dan and he was very sure he didn't tell the intimacy between him and Liz.
All of a sudden Sam remembered sharing a hotel room with Dan a few weeks ago during their stop in Japan. He remembered Dan pleading with him to share his room because he was not feeling well and needed someone to wake him up for the early pick up next morning.
Sam now realised Dan could have rummaged through his briefcase reading the love letters that Liz wrote to Sam. Intimate and sexy things like being screwed blindfolded in the closet Dan told Liz were in the letters.

It also didn't help Sam much when he found out that Liz's new lover was Dan!
A few weeks later, there was a nasty complaint by a first class lady passenger on Dan's "disgraceful behaviour". It was followed up by another big complaint about his condescending attitude towards an economy class passenger.
Dan was booted out of the company. He lost not only his job but his huge false ego. In no time, Dan suffered a mental breakdown. He was spotted by a crew peeping from behind a tree at the girls in bikinis along the beach. Another crew saw Dan shabbily dressed and scavenging leftover food from a rubbish bin. Many in the airline said it was retribution while others said it was karma for the once-high-riding IA.


Anonymous said...

So did Liz and Sam get back together?

Anonymous said...

Crew all like that one?

boh tong said...

Liz and Sam didn't patch up. Liz married a junior steward and Sam stayed married to his wife.

Me crew too said...

Crew all like that one?.....
...please please not all crew are like this,only a few.