Monday, September 6, 2010

This Indian Passenger was a .......................

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Amy met an Indian passenger who told her he knew her date of birth. Amy didn't believe him at first but she was shocked when he wrote her date of birth,month and year on a piece of paper and handed to her. The pax was right and he even surprised her when he wrote the same for her husband.
Amy made an appointment to meet him after flight to find out more about this Indian pax's mystic power.
She was told by him that a friend whom she did not contact for a long time had come to her mind. He warned her not to be her friend because she was an insincere person. He wrote down the name of Amy's friend and he was correct. The whole incidence kinda scare Amy. Was this hypnotism or some kind of spiritualism? Still Amy was amazed by this man.
The man took out a stone and offered to sell Amy. "It will bring you much luck and protect you from harm" the Indian man told her. When asked how much was the cost of the stone, he replied "all the money that you have". "But sir I have only $500 in my handbag" Amy told him. "No, no,no you have much more in the bank" he corrected Amy. " Sorry sir I do not have my bank book with me nor my ATM card" Amy said apologetically. Finally the man accepted the $500 Amy offered him and Amy took the stone home. She excitedly explained to her husband about the episode but the husband being a Catholic refused to believe her. He took the stone and threw it down the rubbish chute and chided Amy for being so gullible.
A few weeks later, Amy was badly bitten by a dog that her shin bone broke. She had 3 major operations and almost lost her leg.
Was the above a coincidence?


Anonymous said...

coincidence definitely

Anonymous said...

Indian conman. Another cockanadan.